Snowy weekend!

Hello! Its been a while since i have posted! We haven't really been up to much lately though...its actually been kind of nice. This past week, northwest Arkansas was hit with a HUGE snow storm! Bigger than any I remember, thats for sure! Last year we were hit with a big ice storm around the same time and at first they thought this one would be somewhat similar. Well luckily, it wasn't. Although we did get about 2 or so inches of ice, we got a TON of snow on top of it! It was very pretty but I do have to say, please hurry up summer!! This weekend we really have not done much of anything. Friday night we sat at home and watched some NCIS....(our new obsession). Saturday we woke up late and just hung out at the house all day. I got some cleaning done and Nate did some "honey-do" items for me :). Saturday night, Nate's parents called us and asked us to go to a movie with them. It was actually really nice to finally get out of the house! We went to see that new Mel Gibson movie and then went out for dessert afterwards....the ONLY place opened at 9:30 for dessert was On the Border. Of course, you can't go there without eating chips and salsa, so after our chips and salsa, we had a HUGE apple crisp! It was delicious! Definetly hit the spot! Today we have just been literally sitting on the couch all day watching some more NCIS!! HAHA! We are almost finished with Season 5 which means I have to have Mom bring me the next seasons :) Tomorrow is bad to work...UGH! But no worries! I only have 2 more weeks at my current position!! I know, I haven't said anything yet but.....I finally got the new job I was praying for!!!!!!!!! Im sooo excited to start! Its still with JB Hunt and still with my same department but I will be working with a different group of wonderful ladies and I cannot wait to start! Anyways, I will update more on that once i start and let you know how thats going! Well, its off to eat dinner now! Nate just made me dinner....what a great guy :)

See ya!!


my.new.addiction :)

So for my birthday, my parents got me a Wii Fit....LOVE IT! I have been working out on it every night and I know this sounds funny but I have woken up sore every morning! I may look funny doing it in the middle of my living room but its such a work out! I have to say though, if you are depressed about your weight.....DON'T GET A WII FIT! You are supposed to get on everyday and weight yourself and do a BMI test (Body Mass Index)....this will basically tell you everything you don't want to hear when you are going through a weight depression. But, if you are ready to shed a few lbs. and know you have a few to lose, the Wii Fit is perfect for you!

Other than doing my Wii Fit every night things have been pretty quiet around here. I woke up this morning and my eye was throbbing! It felt like I had something in it, only I didn't. It was so itchy and irritated. In case ya'll didn't know, I was born blind in my right eye so having something impair my vision in my left eye was kind of a problem! Everything was blurry today at work so I decided to make an eye doctor appointment. I had my mom take me because I couldn't hardly see to drive and Im soo glad she went with me because they dialated my eye! Talk about weird! Having one eye dialated and the other one normal is just very gross looking! I would not like to look like that all the time! The doctor told me that I may be in the early stages of pink eye so to really be watching it! Yuck....I hate pink eye.

I am so very thankful that tomorrow is Friday though. My cousin Amanda is coming to town and we are going to have a fun filled weekend! Friday night we are all going out to eat with the rents and then Saturday we will be waking up very late and then going to my cousin Kyle's daughter Ryleigh's first birthday celebration! Not sure what the rest of the weekend holds but Im sure it will be another busy weekend! Hope everyone has a great Friday and a fantastic weekend!

See ya!


New Years and a Happy Birthday!

Well! The first 11 days of the New Year have prooved to be super busy and a great start! We have been on the go so much that its nice to finally sit at home tonight and finally be able to blog! Blogging is my stress reliever....and oh how I have missed it!! I feel like I have SOOO much to update on! First off I would like to introduce you to 2 new additions to the Avey family......

Cocoa and Chowder!! Aren't they so so so cute! They are our new baby goats! One of our nannies had her babies a few days ago and they are doing great! They are oh so cute and are very very friendly...unlike their momma! Cocoa is a little girl and Chowder is a little boy.....

Chowder posin' for a pic :)

Cocoa......she is so so sweet!

The babies cuddling in front of the heater....it was so so cold when they were born! It was 1 degree that day!

On New Year's, we go over to my Aunt Rhonda and Uncle Jeff's house every year in Owasso, OK to have Christmas with my Dad's side of the family....this always proves to be very entertaining! My Dad's side of the family is very loud and hilarious! I just love going over there for family get-togethers!
Me and my cousin Amanda rocking out on Guitar Hero....might I add Im pretty good :)

Nate playing the Wii fit....it was hilarious!

Me and my Gma and Gpa!

Me and Gma!

My Mom and Dad.....what a strange guy :)

Me and my parents dog Squeaks....he is sooo cute and funny!

Everyone playing golf on the Wii....this is always a huge hit for everyone

Playing poker = long night

Last Saturday (Jan. 9th) was my 21st birthday!! YAY!! We went out Friday night with my parents and Nate's parents for dinner. I got some beautiful tuscan blue canisters for my kitchen, a Wii Fit (yay!!time to get fit) and......a SEWING MACHINE!!! WOO HOO! I know that is such a grandma thing to ask for but I really enjoy making things and being creative....maybe someday I will learn how to use it :)
We also went out with a group of our friends on Saturday night! It was so fun! We went to Olive Garden for dinner and then headed back to the house to hang out. It was a blast! Courtney got me this SUPER cute display dish that I am in love with and also a candle that smells like heaven! I think its really my new favorite smell! I have some really great friends! :)

Me with baby Parson at dinner....how cute!

Us girls at dinner....Courtney, Ashtyn, me and Christin!

Parson :)

Court and Ashtyn....pretty girls!

Me and Tater at dinner!

My birthday cake that they brought out to me...super yummy!

When we got home, we played a few games and the boys played Rockband (which I also got for my birthday along with a Wii!!). They were too funny!

We stayed up til close to 3 that morning making for a super long night! Everyone stayed the night and woke up the next morning to and Nate decided to make breakfast....although no one could stay! LOL! How sweet! It was over all a very awesome birthday!
Tonight, we are sitting on the couch watching our new obsession.....NCIS! My parents got us hooked on it and now we can't even stop watching it! There are I think 8 seasons and we are just now starting season 2 so we have a LOT of catching up to do but oh well! It gives us something to do at night :)! Tomorrow I start my new adventure on the Wii Fit!!! My Mom and Dad got if for me for my birthday and Im super excited to start messing with it....Ive heard good things!
I hope everyone has a great week! Just remember, we only have 4 more days til the weekend! My cousin Amanda is coming to stay the weekend with me and Nate and I can't WAIT! Shes a blast and I can't wait to see her!
See ya'll!