One week :)

Well its 4:19 right now and I am thinking to myself, in exactly 1 week I will be getting ready to walk down the aisle and marry the person I am going to spend the rest of my life with!! WOW! I am getting so anxious, nervous, excited, giddy!! I am just so excited to FINALLY be married to Nathan and know that forever and ever he is always going to be there to support me and take care of me and just love me not matter what! I sure do love you Nate :)


Hey All!

It has been busy busy busy around here to say the least! We are now OFFICIALLY under 2 weeks until the wedding!! AHHHH!!! I am getting so stinkin excited to say the least! This weekend, even though I had a million things to do Nathan and I decided to go over to Tulsa for the day and spend some time with my cousin Amanda! I just love that girl! She was in the hospital all last week and I just figured she could use some time out of the house with her favorite cousin Chrissy! We had a blast! We are now back home and THANK GOODNESS for the 3 day weekend! I am so thankful for no work on Monday! I have a laundry list of things that I have to accomplish before going back to work on Tuesday. Honestly, things are really going pretty smooth right now (knock on wood lol)! My mom bought her dress for the wedding last week....it is PERFECT! She is going to be absolutely beautiful! I can't wait for everyone to see her in it. There is just so much going on right now I don't even know where to begin! We went out Friday night with all of the girls for my Bachelorette party! It was super fun! All 14 of us went out to ShoGun for dinner which was a blast! Then after that we went to go see All About Steve (not too impressed) and then finally we ended up at Mine and Nate's soon to be house and stayed the night! It was a blast! I kicked Nate out for the night and he came and stayed with his parents so me and some of the girls could have it to ourselves! It was so much fun! I will post pics once my BFF sends them to me! Well I will post more in the next couple of days I am sure! Hope everyone has a great, safe holiday and enjoys their time off!