19 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:
How far along: 19 weeks
Size of Baby Avey: Mango (6.5 in., 10 oz.)
Gender: Girl! Kinley Mae Avey
Maternity Clothes: Pants = yes, Tops = still wearing my normal tops. I have been wearing dresses a TON because they are more comfortable. I've noticed they are getting a little shorter due to my growing belly so I may need to go get some new dresses soon!
Movement: I THINK I might have felt her this week! I have been having some serious rolling going on in my belly, especially at night and I can't think of anything else it would be. I know they say you can sometimes mistake it for gas bubbles but this is for sure NOT a gas bubbles! It really is a cool feeling if that is what I am feeling!
Sleep: Still sleeping great!
Symptoms: Nothing right now
Cravings: Still Cuties
Best moment this week: Sunday night when I thought I might have felt Kinley for the first time! It was a cool feeling and I just know it was her! Nate was so excited too and kept asking if maybe he could feel it on the outside too...I told him not yet but soon!

Next week is my 20 week dr. appointment so we can verify we really have a little girl here in my belly! We are so excited to get to see her again on the ultrasound. I wish I could get one done every time we went to the doctor!

My parents and brother leave tonight for New Orleans. Then Sunday morning they get up early and leave for their 7 day cruise! Please keep them in your prayers! The last thing this pregnant momma needs is to have to worry about the soon to be grandparents and uncle!

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Wednesday Randoms

So at work today I forgot to have one of the girls take my weekly picture so I'm just going to list some randoms that have been on my mind lately....

I can't quit going into our guest bedroom to look at Kinley's dresser...I can't wait to show you pictures BUT, those will have to wait until the nrsery reveal :)

Laundry is my least favorite thing to do. I wish I could hire someone just to wash and fold our laundry...which reminds me I have 2 loads to fold right now! Guess we know where my priorities are!

I get on the Dillard's website at least once every other day to see what sales they have on little girl clothes. My favorite brand is Bonnie Baby. I am holding off on ordering anything because I want to be 100% sure Kinley is still a girl next time we go to the dr.

Speaking of dr., our 20 week appointment is next Thursday! I can't wait to see that little girl again....and make sure she's a girl :)

I'm watching Toddlers and Tiara's right now on TV....all I can say is really??

Next week, I am off on Thursday and Friday, as well as the Thursday and Friday of the following week. Oh how I can't wait for next week to get here! Next Thursday is our dr. appt so I figured I'd take off that day and the day after to get some baby shopping done. The following week we are going to Big Cedar for a couple of days for Valentine's day and I can't wait!

I'll update tomorrow with my 19 week update...we are almost halfway there!

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juliethefish designs Giveaway

In this Wonderful Life is having a juliethefish Giveaway!

Head on over and check out her blog to enter your name in the drawing for a $35.00 shop credit! I love browsing juliethefish designs on Etsy and have been coveting a necklace in her shop forever!

HERE is the link to enter!


One Mouth

On January 1st I started a new daily devotional. It's a really quick easy read but I am really enjoying the daily studies. Yesterdays devotion talked about having one mouth meaning that as believers we should all speak as one because we are all unified in Christ. We can't praise God, then turn around and tell lies about someone or talk badly about someone. We can't praise him in church, then gossip down the hallway about what someone is wearing. When we do this, it is dishonoring to God. This has been heavy on my heart for the last day or two and I just wanted to share. I want to be held accountable for my actions and words as a Christian. I am not here on this earth to judge, I am here to lead others to Christ so they can live a life of eternity in Heaven. So I challenge you, instead of talking badly about someone that you just don't seem to get along with, just don't say anything. You never know what that other person is going through.

In case you are looking for a good devotional to read, I attached a picture below of the one I'm reading. I'd recommend this one. I'm really loving it!

May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you a spirit of unity among yourselves as you follow Christ Jesus, so that with one heart and one mouth you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. - Romans 15:5-6

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18 Weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights:

How far along: 18 weeks

Size of baby Avey: Mango (6 in., 0.5 lbs.) YAY!

Gender: Girl! Kinley Mae Avey

Maternity Clothes: Pant = Yes, Tops = No....still wearing flowy tops. My favorite thing to wear are dresses...they are MUCH more comfortable!

Movement: No....little stinker! I keep telling her to kick me so I know shes in there...she is already stubborn apparently! I know I'll regret saying that later but Im so ready to feel her!

Sleep: Still good...I've been fighting a cold this week so thats not been good on the sleep for me or for Nate (apparently my usual quiet nights with no snoring or talking have turned into what Nathan refers to as "the bear he is sleeping with"...I know he's ready for me to get over this so my bad habits doesn't keep him up all night!)

Symptoms: Nothing really....my face has cleared up some and my hairs seems to be doing better....maybe I was just in a funk??

Cravings: Still loving my cuties

Best moment this week: When I got a text yesterday from my cousin Shelley telling me the dresser / buffet she was painting for me for Kinley's room was almost done! I about peed my pants...I didn't expect her to already be almost finished with it and I am just tickled! Go check out her new website HERE or on Facebook HERE! I can't show you any pictures just yet but I will tell you its SUPER cute!

Hope everyone is having a good week! My mom got mad at me today because I don't update often enough so Im hoping to start blogging more...just to keep her happy :)

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17 Weeks and a Happy Birthday!

This past Monday was my 23rd birthday! What a great birthday it was! Saturday, a group of my girlfriends wanted to take me to lunch...so we went to McAlister's for a quick bite! I love my sweet friends and am so thankful to spend time with them! Not all of them knew each other so it was fun to get to introduce them. My precious friend Christin brought me a fun cake so we could all have a sweet treat after lunch!

Some of my closest friends!

Sunday night, we went to my inlaws house to celebrate! Nate bought me my favorite ice cream cake and Glinda cooked me a pot of my favorite soup! I love my inlaws and am so thankful for the relationship I have with them.

Blowing out my candle...Glinda only had a "5" candle so we figured it would work since 2+3=5....redneck I know!

Nate's aunt Phyllis with her dog Oscar

Monday was my actual birthday and the sweet girls from work took me to lunch at Mimi's!

Tina, Carrie and I

Then Monday night was dinner with my parents! They took me to Market Place and even got me a Moses Basket for Kinley!

It has been a GREAT birthday week so far!! Nate is taking me to dinner this weekend, then I think the birthday festivities will come to an end!

This week I am also 17 WEEKS!

Pregnancy Highlights:

How far along: 17 weeks

Size of baby Avey: Sweet Potato (5.5in, 5 oz.)

Gender: GIRL! Kinley Mae Avey

Maternity Clothes: Pants = Yes, Tops = Normal tops that are flowy

Movement: None yet!

Sleep: Still great....I have been waking up and drinking TONS of water during the night

Symptoms: Break-outs still and flat hair.

Cravings: Cuties

Best moment this week: Spending time with my friends and family!

Have a great rest of the week!

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16 Weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights:

How far along: 16 weeks

Size of baby Avey: Turnip (5 in., 5 oz.)

Gender: GIRL!! Kinley Mae Avey

Maternity Clothes: Pants = Yes, Tops = No

Movement: None yet...hopefully soon though!

Sleep: Still fine...praying this continues

Symptoms: Break-outs still and flat hair. I was told by a few people last week though that this is completely normal. I also tried a different shampoo and it seemed to help some too.

Cravings: Cuties

Best moment this week: We had our 15 week dr. appt this week since my dr. was out last week. We got to hear Kinley's heartbeat! I LOVE that sound!

I hope y'all are having a good week! For being a 4 day work week, its felt more like 7...I'm SO ready for the weekend. I am working on uploading our reveal video...for some reason my computer wouldn't upload it so I may have to wait until we go to our parents house to get it uploaded. I am SO ready to share it though! If we are friends on Facebook, go check it out on my page!

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