9 Months Old!

Mr. Porter,
You are 9 months old (on 3/12/13)!  I can't even believe I just typed that....where has time gone?  Some things to remember about this past month...

- We just had your 9 month check-up last week.  You are 22 lbs. (73%), 29" long (70%), head circumfrence is 47 cm (90%), and 100% CUTE!
- You are still in size 4 diapers.
- You are in 12-18 month clothes.  You can still squeeze into some 12 month clothes but we are mostly getting you 18 month clothes now. 
- You wear a size 4 shoe still...almost in a size 5.
- You sleep pretty well.  These past 2 nights you seem to be a little restless but I think your teeth might be bothering you some.
- You LOVE food....LOVE it.  For each meal you are eating at LEAST 2 containers of baby food. We are also still feeding you some big people.  You love it.  I would list everything you've tried but you've tried pretty much everything we eat.  I know some people might think it's soon to feed you real food but you are doing well with it and seem to enjoy it MUCH more than baby food! We also give you the little puff snacks and you love them.  You especially love the apple cinnamon snacks. 
- You still eat 8 oz. in your bottle and are eating about 4-5 bottles a day.
- You're drinking water out of a sippy cup with your meals and some throughout the day.  You love to bang your sippy cup on your high chair when you eat.
- We are still putting Mirilax in your bottle once a day.  It is still working great.  I tried to put less in your bottle one day but you acted like it hurt you when you went to the bathroom again so I went ahead and put the normal amount in the next day.  The dr. told me I could start weening you off if I wanted to but I am not ready for that.  I don't think you are either. 
- Your 2 bottom teeth are both completely out and they are HILARIOUS!  You love to cheese it up with them!  Your top 2 teeth are also in some of the way...you are going to be SO cute once they get all the way in!  We also looked at your gums at the dr.  (because she can help me hold you down) and your teeth on the sides of both your  bottom and top teeth will be cutting through soon.  I can't believe you have 4 teeth and are working on getting 4 more!
- Daycare is still great.  I get pictures of you daily from Ms. Valerie.  She loves you and you love her! You also love playing with your friends.
- Your favorite word is "dada".  You have said "mama" a couple of times but you mostly just say "dada" all the time...it's too cute!
- We have not had to have any more unexpected dr. visits!  YAY!  Your ear have been perfect and looked perfect at the dr. so I think we are clear from the ear infections for now. 
- You have started to clap!  It's so funny!  You get really excited when we say "Yay, Porter!".  You know we are cheering you on!
- I know you've done a million other things and if I think of them, I'll come back and add to this post.  I used to keep a list of things you've done as you did them so I wouldn't forget...I need to get better at that!

Mr. Porter,
I can't even believe I am already writing your 9 month post!  I also can't believe I got a bunch of stuff in the mail last week for your FIRST birthday party!  Time is so precious so we are making sure to enjoy every second we have with you to the fullest.  I still look at you most days and think to myself "I can't believe this little boy is mine!".  Daddy and I are so in love with you my heart could burst!  Thank you for being such a happy, loving baby boy.  You are so precious to us.  Our biggest blessing.  We love you TOO MUCH!

Daddy and Mommy

Your 9 month pictures!
(I thought about retaking these with a non-slobbery shirt and because you were ALL OVER THE PLACE, but I decided that NOTHING better describes you than a slobbery shirt and wiggle worm pictures...you slobber and move ALL the time.  I love it!)



 My 2 greatest joys in life!  I love my boys SO much!