Sew fun!!

Well I would have to say I had a VERY fun and productive weekend with the family! For my birthday, Nathan got me a sewing machine and Im obsessed with making things now! All us girls in my family decided that we needed to have a sewing day since every one either had a sewing machine or there were extras at Aunt Dar's house. Let me tell you we had a BLAST like we always do! I Just love my family! Ill introduce you to some of them (the ones I got pics of) real quick......

Me and Michael (hes been featured on the blog a few times due to the fact that he is my "boyfriend"...hah! He is my cousin Shelley's son. He has a picture of me and him that I got him for his birthday that he carries to breakfast with him, to watch tv with him, to say his prayers with him, etc....hes too cute! :)

This is MiKael (and baby Reese that will be here in 6 weeks:)! My cousins MiKael and Shelley are 2 of my best friends!

This is my cousin Shelley...shes too funny! Her other son Kobye is right next to her

This next picture, I am going to get in serious trouble for due to the fact that this person HATES getting her picture taken....this is my Aunt Dar :) I love her!

And of course, can't forget Uncle Mike!

So starting out our Saturday, we cut out our apron cutting/designing as seen below.....My cousin Shelley was our teacher for the day because she has made MANY aprons before!

We then began the sewing/ironing/getting irritated a few times :)

Final product.....Lily Grace's mini apron....tooo cute!!

My finished apron for my sister in - law Sarah. YAY! And it only took me 6 hours to finish..haha! Hopefully next time I will know what Im doing and it won't take so long!

We also got crafty and made some hairbows for Reese and my friend Meredith's little girl! Below is LG modeling her's

Last project of the day was making Reese a valance for her newly painted room! I can't wait to see this little girl...shes going to be so much fun!
Our beginning product.....a bare pice of wood shaped for our valance

Ta-da!! It was SUPER easy and was probably our quickest project of the day besides the hair-bows!

We then started thinking about things to add to it....not sure who came up with it but we ended up tacking some of our flower hair-bows to the valance and look at how stinkin' cute it turned out! I have to say Im super excited to see these up in her room! I love how they turned out!

Both of them together.....My favorite thing is how none of the flowers are the same! They are so fun and different! The bottom fabric that is laying on the ironing board will be her bumper and the fabric used on the valances will be used on the bed skirt....Too cute!

Close up

Well hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend! I can't wait for our next project day! We are painting next time! Have a great Monday!!


Oh Cajun Shrimp how I love thee.....

So this morning me and my 2 BFF's went and got our first pedicures of the year :) Last year, I found this awesome color that I seem to still be obsessed with......Cajun Shrimp! Its so wonderful! I am usually just a neon pink girl but man, I love this color!

Me and Court

All us girls :)

Me and Ash

After that, me and Courtney went to the mall.....Im just going to tell you, whenever I get my toes done, there is only one thing I want to do afterwards.....BUY SHOES!!!! Needless to say, Courtney and I walked out of the mall with shoes :) Now, Nate and I are just sitting on the couch watching HGTV (haha) getting ready to cook dinner....can yall believe this nasty weather??? I seriously thought we were finished with this stuff! Well, hope everyone has a fantastic rest of the weekend!

See ya!


Hurt Hubs :(

Today I was laying on the couch, being SUPER lazy.... Nathan was outside tinkering in the garage when all of the sudden I heard him yell my name really loud. I knew something was wrong immediately! I hopped up and ran out there and his hand is just gushing blood. He has a rag around it and he is completely white! He says he is fine but he was messing with a piece of metal and it hit his finger and cut off the tip of it....(yikes!!)!! Of course me, being the freaker outter I am, start asking if we need to go to the ER or get a neighbor or call his Dad! He tells me to calm down and that its just a cut and he will be fine after we clean it and bandage it.....YEA RIGHT! He looked like he was fixing to bleed to death! (I know, I'm dramatic :) Needless to say, I ran to the store and bought a bulk amount of gauze, tape, band-aids, Neosporin, etc. to fix my hurt hubs :( Once he was all bandaged up, he was back outside, tinkering in the garage again....weird boy! I am pretty sure if I had just cut off the tip of my finger, I would be milking it for all its worth :)



Some warm weather here in our neck of the woods! Its been SO nice these past few days! Almost time to pull out the open-toe heels and sandals (that means time for a much needed pedicure!).

So I wanted to let you all know that Nathan and I got a GYM MEMBERSHIP Tuesday!! YAY!! I have been wanting one for sooo long! We started going with some of our best friends, Courtney and Justinn! Needless to say.....Im very sore today :) Guess that means I got a good workout! We are planning on going to the gym Tuesdays, Thursdays and possibly Saturday mornings and then hopefully walking in the park by our house a few days a week. Its nice to actually be doing something instead of just sitting on the couch, talking about working out...lol!

On another note, last Saturday I went out to lunch with my friends Meredith, Kari and Christin from way back in high school. We all just found out that Meredith is pregnant and expecting a little girl!! YAY! We could not be more excited for Meredith and Brent! You can check out their blog at www.brentmeredith.blogspot.com. They are wonderful people and will be great parents to their little one! All of us girls had a great lunch on Saturday! Its hard to believe that we have all been out of high school so long and are all married or having babies. I just love those girls!

Well, tomorrow is Thursday (thank goodness) which means we are one day closer to the weekend and its WORKOUT day. Hope everyone has a FABULOUS rest of the week!


A few prayer requests....

Well, its been a while since i have been on here....too long! I really don't have too much to update you on but I would like you all to keep a few people in your prayers.

1) My Memaw- last Saturday, we went to the ER with her for hip/leg pain. She has had like 4 hip replacements so this is kind of a big deal. With my Papa not being here anymore, we all have to step up as a family and help her out in any way we can. She has been in constant pain but the doctors have said that nothing is broken and that they can't really find anything wrong yet. We are each spending the night with her on different nights because she can't even get out of her chair on her own. Please just pray for patience for the family as she is bipolar and can get a little edgy with everyone sometimes.

2) Nathan's cousin Gabby and his Aunt Teresa were in a pretty bad accident last week. Aunt Teresa walked away with a few cuts and bruises but Gabby has 2 broken humorus (upper arms) and a broken femur (upper leg). Please just pray for safe healing for her. Shes 12 years old so its going to take some adjusting to not being able to do anything for herself.

3) My cousin Amanda (shes my fav :) has a sickness called Pancreatitis. She is at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota right now trying to learn ways to deal with the pain and hopefully they can help to maybe someday fix it. You can read a little more about what it is below....

“Where to begin with this horrible illness? Pancreatitis is disease that causes extreme pain, pain that docs say is worse than childbirth. The pancreas is a very little spongy organ at the top of your stomach that is responsible for producing insulin and for producing the enzymes that digest the food you eat. Pancreatitis the pancreas becomes inflamed and the enzymes become active inside the pancreas and it basically tries to digest itself. To get thru an attack, you give your stomach complete rest (that means no food or drink) and just wait it out. I've added a link below to Mayo website that describes the disease in detail.
Amanda is my first born, born in August 1992, which arrived 6 weeks premature. I've often wondered if being a preemie has anything to do with this. Who knows? It was in August of 1998 that she was first diagnosed with pancreatitis. She had been vomiting all day and was in so much pain, she would just cry out. She was only 6 and her cries were heartbreaking. After a very long night in the ER, we were finally given a diagnosis of pancreatitis. The started IV's and put a NG tube in her nose to keep her stomach pumped. I remember in the beginning the doctors telling us that Pancreatitis in children is rare. Kids never get this disease and she'll probably never get it again. Each time it happened again, the doctors were unsure why this kept happening.
The night before Amanda started 6th grade, she had a really bad pancreatitis attack. (Yes, we have found that stress and lack of sleep are triggers). After a week at a Tulsa hospital, things were not getting better and she started have other issues. We had been seeing a Pediatric GI specialist in St Louis, and he recommended that we transfer Amanda to St Louis
Children's Hospital. We spent the next 4 1/2 weeks in St Louis have many many many tests done. We discovered that Amanda had some "small" ducts in her pancreas and she had scar tissue on her pancreas from previous attacks. We were finally able to come home on Jeff's birthday, Oct 3, but Amanda was still not eating and she had retained an IV at home for the next 2 weeks. She was finally able to get back to school after fall break. She has always had the ability to bounce back and has such a wonderful attitude about all of this.
Here we are, 12 years later, too many hospitalizations to count, many many tests, procedures, and specialists, only to not have any better answers than when we started.
In the last 2 years, the illness has taken on a more chronic nature. In the beginning, she would get sick once or twice a year, and in between, she would be perfectly healthy child. Now she deals with pain almost daily and 1 or 2 times a month, has pain that keeps her home from school. This has been a very a challenging time as it affects the entire family. Jeff and I have to become nurse and monitor pain medication at home which puts us in difficult positions at times.
Amanda is headed to
Mayo Clinic in March to attend a Pain Management Program. It is a 3 week out patient program geared to adolescents that deal with chronic pain illnesses. The program is designed to help educate you about alternative ways to cope with pain. We are all praying that this program will bring Amanda some confidence about dealing with this disease on her own, as well as teach the entire family about dealing with pain management. I would ask for your prayers for Amanda and our family as we begin this journey.

Amanda and I are SUPER close...shes one of my best friends so if you could just keep her in your prayers, I would really appreciate it. She is almost 18. You can read her blog while shes at Mayo Clinic here.....http://www.chitwood2010.blogspot.com/. She has the sweetest heart...its kinda hard not to love her :)

Other than that, theres not too much going on here! Tonight, we will probably just be going to get some dinner and then heading back home. As for tomorrow, I am going to lunch with 3 of my good friends from High School, Christin, Kari and Meredith, and I CAN'T WAIT! I just learned that Meredith is expecting (YAY!) so I get to see her for the 1st time since finding out!

Well, I hope everyone has a good, safe weekend! Talk to you sooner rather than later :)