Hurt Hubs :(

Today I was laying on the couch, being SUPER lazy.... Nathan was outside tinkering in the garage when all of the sudden I heard him yell my name really loud. I knew something was wrong immediately! I hopped up and ran out there and his hand is just gushing blood. He has a rag around it and he is completely white! He says he is fine but he was messing with a piece of metal and it hit his finger and cut off the tip of it....(yikes!!)!! Of course me, being the freaker outter I am, start asking if we need to go to the ER or get a neighbor or call his Dad! He tells me to calm down and that its just a cut and he will be fine after we clean it and bandage it.....YEA RIGHT! He looked like he was fixing to bleed to death! (I know, I'm dramatic :) Needless to say, I ran to the store and bought a bulk amount of gauze, tape, band-aids, Neosporin, etc. to fix my hurt hubs :( Once he was all bandaged up, he was back outside, tinkering in the garage again....weird boy! I am pretty sure if I had just cut off the tip of my finger, I would be milking it for all its worth :)

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