Papa and 30 Weeks

As many people know, my sweet papa Royce went to be with Jesus last Thursday night. It has been a rough week for my family but we have shared so many memories and stories we have of my papa. I can't help but smile when I think of him not being in pain anymore and the fact that he knows where he is and who he is. He was so special to me and I'll miss him until I see him again. I WM sad he didn't get to meet Porter and love on him like he always loved on me but I know he will get to someday! I'll always be a Papa's girl :)

For obvious reasons, I didn't get to blog last week. This week I am 30 weeks! My 30 week picture is at the bottom this week because I'm blogging from my phone.

Pregnancy Highlights: 30 weeks
Size of baby Avey: Head of Lettuce (18 in., 3.2 lbs.)
Gender: BOY! Porter Lee Avey
Maternity clothes: Yes! My belly has gotten HUGE in the last week or so! Tops are getting shorter so I am wearing tons of maxi dresses...loving them!
Movement: Yes! Loving this...he is so active right now and it's incredible. I just can't believe there is a precious baby in there and he is all ours!
Sleep: Monday night was my first rough night of sleep this entire pregnancy...I have had to get up at least 3 times a night to go to the bathroom. That part doesn't bother me, but some little boy thinks that as soon as I lay back down, it's play time! He starts moving around like crazy! It sometimes takes me up to an hour to get back to sleep...I'm sure he is just preparing me for our long nights ahead :)
Symptoms: some indigestion and a little aching in my lower back and hips
Best moment this week: getting home every night and Nate having dinner ready for me...he is the BEST! I dont brag on him enough but he is too good to me...he will be such a good daddy!

We are down to 9.5 weeks until our little angel makes his grand entrance (or less!) Its starting to get feel more "real" that we are going to be a mommy and daddy in just a few short weeks! We are so in love with this little boy and we haven't even met him yet! I can't imagine loving him more than I already do but I know once we see him, we will love him even more! If you think of us, please keep us in your prayers...we are so ready to meet this little boy! Saturday is our first shower to celebrate Porter and we are excited! It's just a small get-together with some of my high school best friends and church best friends! Best part is, Nate is coming too! We are so excited to see them and so thankful they are having this celebration for us to show their love for Porter! He is going to have some serious lovin's going on at he hospital from all of these girls! After this weekend, we have showers every weekend until May....this boy is going to be so loved and so blessed by so many people!

Have a great weekend! I'll take a bunch of pictures of Porter's first shower too!

The Avey's