27 Weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights:

How far along: 27 weeks

Size of baby Avey: Head of cauliflower (16 in., 2.5 lbs.) - BIG BOY!

Gender: Boy! Porter Lee Avey

Maternity Clothes: Yes! I am now in a few maternity tops...I am having trouble finding things that are long enough to cover this growing belly! I am already tall so its becoming a little big of an issue! Dresses are still my preference though...especially maxi dresses

Movement: Yes! He moves quite a bit but I think he is somewhat calm....maybe he is just getting too big! I have noticed what used to feel like pokes and flutters are more of a rolling move now.

Sleep: Still great....last night was a little rough (hence the bags under my eyes!) but I can't complain. I think the only reason I didn't rest well last night was because I have started nesting...more on that later

Symptoms: Still swollen feet and hands, especially at night.

Best Moment This Week: Starting to get our house in order for baby Porter's arrival in 88 short days or less

I think I have officially started nesting! Sunday after church I decided to tackle our closet...this has needed to be done forEVER! Well, 4 hours and 5 - 38 gallon trashbags later, our closet is spotless. Not only did I tackle our closet, Wednesday night I got the big idea to also tackle our guest bathroom. 2 things....1) I HATE cleaning bathrooms and 2) It wasn't that dirty, I just have on my "To-Do before Porter Gets Here List" to deep clean EVERY room in our house. Well I thought I was just going to organize the cabinets and throw out anything that we didn't need. A few hours later, Nate came in and I had scrubbed the baseboards, floors, shower and counters as well as polished the vanity! It was SO nice to walk in and it be so spotless. Tonight we are working on clearing out Porter's room and hopefully starting on paint. Then tomorrow we are taking the boat out ALL day long and I'm not cleaning another thing until Sunday!

Hope you all have a good week / weekend!

The Avey's


Sneak Peek

I figured since I have started on a few details of Porter's room, I'd share with you! I want to keep the details a surprise but here are a couple of pictures to get your wheels spinning :)

Me with the crib....yes its in a box and I did crop the picture of the crib out...but its very different! I didn't want to include the picture because I want it to be a surprise...I can't wait to show you! My cousin Shelley is painting it for us then we can get it all set up!

Some of the fabrics we chose....there are a few more that aren't pictured because I didn't have swatches but these are most of them. And no they are definetly not your average nursery fabrics but I think they are SO fun! I can't wait to show you what my Mother-in-law has come up with for the bedding, curtains, etc....she is SO creative!

Hope you like this little sneek peak! I'll try to do these more often now that we are getting things together. I don't want to give too much away!

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99 days!

Today we have 99 days until baby Porter's due date! How exciting! If these next 99 days go by as fast as the past few months, he will be here before we know it! This week, his bed should be on Wednesday so we can start sanding and re-painting it! I can't wait to finally get started putting his nursery together!

Also, if you could keep my Papa and Grandma in your prayers I would really appreciate it. Papa is in the hospital now and has been since Friday. He hasn't responded to much and has just been asleep (thats the best way I can describe it). He has demintia so they are thinking this could have something to do with that but we would really just appreciate any prayers you could send his way. We want him to wake up and become alert so we can figure out the next steps. Thank you very much!!

The Avey's


25 Weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights:

How far along: 25 weeks

Size of baby Avey: Eggplant (9.2 in, 2 lbs)!!

Gender: Boy!! Porter Lee Avey

Maternity cloths: Pants = yet, tops = no. I did buy a couple of cute maternity tops at Rhea Lana this past week! They were a great price! I am trying not to buy too many "maternity" clothes and more clothes that I can wear after baby too. Luckily, tunic type tops that are a little loose are big right now so I am loving this! I am also wearing dresses almost daily.

Movement: YES! And Nathan got to feel him for the first time last week! He asked me if that was Porter moving or if it was just him feeling his heart beat in his finger...I told him unless his heart beats every 30 seconds, it was definetly Porter :)

Sleep: Still sleeping great....pee breaks often but I can't complain!

Symptoms: A little itchy due to my stretching belly I am sure! No stretch marks yet though! (Yay! Knock on wood)

Best moment this week: Nathan getting to feel Porter move...that for sure helped make it more real for him

The Avey's