27 Weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights:

How far along: 27 weeks

Size of baby Avey: Head of cauliflower (16 in., 2.5 lbs.) - BIG BOY!

Gender: Boy! Porter Lee Avey

Maternity Clothes: Yes! I am now in a few maternity tops...I am having trouble finding things that are long enough to cover this growing belly! I am already tall so its becoming a little big of an issue! Dresses are still my preference though...especially maxi dresses

Movement: Yes! He moves quite a bit but I think he is somewhat calm....maybe he is just getting too big! I have noticed what used to feel like pokes and flutters are more of a rolling move now.

Sleep: Still great....last night was a little rough (hence the bags under my eyes!) but I can't complain. I think the only reason I didn't rest well last night was because I have started nesting...more on that later

Symptoms: Still swollen feet and hands, especially at night.

Best Moment This Week: Starting to get our house in order for baby Porter's arrival in 88 short days or less

I think I have officially started nesting! Sunday after church I decided to tackle our closet...this has needed to be done forEVER! Well, 4 hours and 5 - 38 gallon trashbags later, our closet is spotless. Not only did I tackle our closet, Wednesday night I got the big idea to also tackle our guest bathroom. 2 things....1) I HATE cleaning bathrooms and 2) It wasn't that dirty, I just have on my "To-Do before Porter Gets Here List" to deep clean EVERY room in our house. Well I thought I was just going to organize the cabinets and throw out anything that we didn't need. A few hours later, Nate came in and I had scrubbed the baseboards, floors, shower and counters as well as polished the vanity! It was SO nice to walk in and it be so spotless. Tonight we are working on clearing out Porter's room and hopefully starting on paint. Then tomorrow we are taking the boat out ALL day long and I'm not cleaning another thing until Sunday!

Hope you all have a good week / weekend!

The Avey's

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