This age with Porter has got to be my favorite stage yet!  He is saying the funniest things right now!  I wanted to go ahead and make a post of funny "Porter-isms" from recently...and hopefully I'll do these posts often so I don't forget the funny things my boy says!

- He tells us we are his "best".  Instead of best friends, we are just his best.  Example - "Momma, you're my best!"

- He calls Kinley Mae his "bay-bay".  Not baby, "bay-bay".  All other babies are called babies.  But not his sister.  That is his nickname for her...and I LOVE it!

- He went hunting with daddy this past weekend.  I asked him before he left how he got so sweet.  His response:  "Jesus made me sweet Momma!"

- He thanks us for EVERYTHING.  If we make him supper, he say thank you.  If we pick up a toy, he says thank you.  If we buckle him in his carseat, he says thank you.  He is a thoughtful, well mannered little guy!

- When he wants to take a bath he says "Momma, I am dusty!"

- Mom took him to church one Wednesday night and they were talking about Papa Porter.  He could not understand that Papa Porter was mom's dad and also his great- grandpa.  He kept saying "No, Maw.  Papa Porter is my Papa, not your daddy!"  A few days later we ran into town and there was an old, run-down house on the side of the road.  Porter said "Momma, that was my grandpa's house."  I said "Really Porter?  What was his name?"  He said "His name was Papa Porter."  I then proceeded to tell him that Papa Porter was Maw's daddy (not knowing about the conversation he had had with mom the week before).  He started to cry really big crocodile tears and said "No mommy, that is NOT Maw's daddy, he is MY papa!".  He had me in stitches!  I didn't realize he was so protective of his Papa Porter who he has never even met!

- Nate's hunting truck is "Porter's truck".  He refers to it as his truck all the time.  He sold his single cab and bought a new crew cab diesel so he can use for pulling things as well.  So we told Porter he got a new hunting truck.  The morning after we bought it, Nate drove it to work.  I took the kids out and loaded them in the car later that morning to run to the store and Porter noticed "his" truck wasn't in the driveway.  He said "Momma, where is my new truck?"  I said "Well Porter, we told you Daddy was going to drive it to work some so he can pull his trailer with it.".  He said "Momma, that makes me so mad!" (all with a smile on his face...so I don't know if he knows what mad even means!)  I said "Why are you mad Porter?  You are the cutest boy I've ever seen!"  He said "No momma, I'm the maddest boy you've ever seen!"  And I lost it!  Where does he come up with this stuff?!?

- He calls birthdays, "dep-days".

- I'll leave you with this gem. Nates dad always sings the kids some random made up songs. Porter LOVES it. He recently is always asking me and Nate to "sing about it!". For example, we pass a cow. Porter says "momma, let's sing about it!". Or we get a drink of chocolate milk. "Momma, let's sing about it!" This particular day we were driving next to a huge tractor. I only got about a quarter on video because I was try to film on the sly. He usually doesn't keep going once he sees me filming but he didn't seem to mind this time! So happy I got this on video!


First day of KDO

Today is little man's first day of KDO (Kids Day Out).  It's a program at our church one or two days a week (we just do one for now) that lets the babies go have some kiddo interaction during the week with a little more structure. Porter was SO excited when we told him he was going to start "school" today! He even asked if he could ride the bus, ha!

Best I can tell, he had a blast today! He told me he colored a pumpkin, played in the blue playground, and ate lunch with his friends! He's already ready to go back next week!  Can't beat that!  


Fall Weekends

One morning this past weekend, the babies and I made chocolate gravy and painted pumpkins while daddy hunted. They had a good time I think! 

This girl right here loves to eat. She especially loves chocolate gravy and biscuits!

My little Picasso's hard at work.

Love these sweet memories we are making with these sweet babies! 

Daddy also got the babies a new surprise. Porter was pretty excited and has asked to ride it every night after daddy gets home.

Little man also went hunting with daddy one day this past weekend. I asked him how in the work he got so sweet. He said "Jesus made me sweet momma!" I love this boys big heart!



It's the little things

Since I haven't done any monthly updates for Kinley and I haven't documented anything recently for Porter, I thought I might write down a few things to remember about both of them at this age. I am going to try to start doing this regularly again!

Kinley Mae:

-You are 15 months old!
- UPDATE - we just went to the doctor a few days ago.  You are 32.5 inches tall, 26 lbs, and your head is 19".  He said you're perfect (which we all knew!)
- You can say "mama", "dada", "night night", "Gigi", "papa", and tonight you actually said "bye-bye".
- You can't get enough of your momma! Porter would go to anyone but you'll hardly go to anyone if I am around. You just want me to hold you. It's a little exhausting but I know it won't last forever so I am trying to enjoy it while it lasts!
- You have 8 teeth and are cutting at least 4 more that I know of. You have had a reallllly hard time with teething. I hate how bad it hurts you and am so ready for it to be over! 
- You love to blow kisses
- You babble all the time. I don't remember Porter ever babbling so much. You are definitely going to be a talker!
- I've never met such a good eater! You will eat almost anything and will usually clean your plate
- You want to go to sleep right at 8p every night and will sleep until 7-8a every morning. 
- You take a 2-3 hour nap every afternoon around 1.
- You are obviously very scheduled. Porter never really had a schedule so it's funny to see the differences in both of you.
- You will not sleep anywhere but your bed. Vacations, grandparents houses, pack-n-play, they are pretty much non-existent. You want your bed and will just cat-nap anywhere else. It's funny how much your like your bed!
- Your little personality has really started showing! I think you're going to be a goof ball like your brother!
- You LOVE baby dolls. This is a recent development but every time you get one in your arms you will cradle and rock the baby. It's the cutest thing ever!
- You like to dance when you hear music come on the TV.
- It's funny to me, whenever Porter watches Paw Patrol or Blaze on TV you won't pay much attention to the TV but if we turn on Princess Sophia or something girly, you are immediately interested.  Funny how early the boy / girl preferences start! 

- You are 3 years, 4 months old!
- You talk up a storm.  You can hold a long conversation with us and say some of the funniest things!
- You are a terrible eater right now. You won't hardly eat anything for 2-3 days and then you'll eat like a bear.  I know this is just a stage.
- You go to bed around 9-9:30p every night and sleep until about 8-8:30a
- You're a daddy's boy all the way.  You want to do everything he does.  You guys are the best of buds. Daddy has never missed bow season and last weekend he actually didn't hunt at all because he just wanted to play with you. Y'all are obsessed with each other and it makes me so happy!
- You LOVE Paw Patrol. For Christmas this year you are asking Santa for the Paw Patroler.  
- Your favorite color is red.  
- You love big trucks, tractors, 4-wheelers...pretty much anything that drives!
- Being outside is your favorite.  You could spend all day out there in the dirt, playing with your four-wheeler, jumping on the trampoline.  Nothing makes you happier.
- You got to go hunting for the first time a couple of weeks ago with your daddy and papa.  You've been asking every day since then to go hunting again. 
- You can count to 10 and say some of your ABC's.  It stresses me out that you don't know they all but you don't like to sit down and learn anything.  You are always on the go and have no desire to sit down and learn.  Momma is in for a real treat trying to get you ready for school!
- You do know all of your colors.

You babies are the sweetest and best of buds.  I can't believe both of you are ours!  Both of you are at such a fun age right now!  I love you both more than you know! - Mommy

I am sure I'll think of something I'll need to add to this list!



Weekends are too short!

Nate's grandpa (Papa Lee) is in the hospital due to a stroke on Saturday. He's doing fine now but has lost some vision in his left eye. We are all crazy about him, especially Porter. I had nursery this morning so Nate headed straight to the hospital this morning when we woke up and me and the kiddos headed to church to keep nursery. On the way, Porter was crying because he wanted to go check on Papa Lee. I told him we'd go visit when he comes home on Monday. Porter says "Momma, I'm sick. I need to go to the doctor!" Sneaky boy! Already trying to be a little con-artist! 

After church, my mom and dad kept the babies so I could go down and sit with Nate and his family. They had a lot of fun with Maw and Googy! These babies aren't spoiled one bit! 

Thanks Maw and Googy for watching the babies! And thankfully, Papa Lee is coming home tomorrow!


Pumpkin Patchin'

Yesterday, Nate decided to stay home from the deer woods so we could take the babies to the pumpkin patch. We have a local one we love to take the babies to every year to let them pick out a few pumpkins. This is the first year Porter has been really into it which makes it that much more fun! All KM cared about was riding in the wagon!

We started our day with breakfast at one of our favorite restaurants. 


Then we ran a few errands, then headed to the pumpkin patch!  

After we left the pumpkin patch, we headed home for short naps before heading out to Parson's house for his birthday party. This is the only picture I got of the babies at his party.

We had a good, fun, busy Saturday!



Kinley Mae

I know Kinley Mae is 14 months old but I wanted to document her actual birth-day. I just read Porter's yesterday (that's what made me decide I needed to blog again!) and I love having it documented so I can remember. Let's face it, I have the worst memory ever! 

I was due with little miss on July 6, 2014.  I went for my regular weekly appointment on Thursday, July 3.  I had no progressed any so she wanted me to check into the hospital Monday night so I could be induced early Tuesaay morning, July 8. They gave me a pill Monday night to help get things started. By 1a I was contracting and when they came in at 6a to start me on my Pitocin I was dialated to a 7. A while later the anesthesiologist came in and gave me my epidural. We waited around all morning and around 11:45a I felt like I needed to push. The nurse checked and I was only dialated to an 8.i told her I really felt like I needed to push
and she assured me I didn't but checked again anyway. I was at a 9.5 and it was go time! She went to get my doctor (who we looooove) but she had just taken a patient back for a c-section so another doctor stepped in (she was also great!). I pushed 3 times for maybe 5 minutes and Kinley Mae was here at 12:08p!  She was a perfect 8 lbs., 14 oz., 21 inches long! 

We only stayed one night after she was born and came home Wednesday afternoon! 

Porter honestly adjusted really well to having Kinley Mae home! He had a couple of days right in the beginning where he wanted our full attention and would act out but he quickly got used to having her around! I could not be more proud of him! That's a lot for a just-turned-2-year-old to take in! 

(These pictures are from my phone so I am sorry for the extra black space! It's just easier to blog from here versus find time to blog on the computer!)

So, so thankful for these babies! 



Blogging Hiatus

It's been a while since I've been on the blogging bandwagon!  A lot has happened in that time.  The last time I blogged we announced we were expecting.  Since then, we've welcomed a sweet, precious baby girl to our family.  Meet Kinley Mae!  She is now 14 months old and is feisty, independent, and absolutely perfect!

Porter is now 3...I can't even believe that.  He is seriously the best.  He is energetic, hilarious and the most tender-hearted boy you'll ever meet!  

And here are some pictures of the babies together.  They are absolutely crazy about each other!  I mean, don't get me wrong, I am breaking up fights every day because they don't share or are annoyed with each other but they are the best of friends and I love them to pieces! 

This year, we also built a new house.  We actually moved in on January 1 so we have been in almost a year now and are loving it!  We are down the road from my in-laws and about 5 minutes away from my parents so the babies are always getting to see their grandparents which was our main priority (well that and school districts)!  

I've really missed blogging so much but these babies keep me busy!  I am going to get back into the swing of things though.  I have recently been reading through my old blogs and as boring as some of them are, they are great memories and I love looking back on them!  I am hoping my babies will like looking back at these memories with me someday too!  I have a TON to catch up on so hopefully I will blog more soon.  Lots of memories I don't want to forget!