Weekends are too short!

Nate's grandpa (Papa Lee) is in the hospital due to a stroke on Saturday. He's doing fine now but has lost some vision in his left eye. We are all crazy about him, especially Porter. I had nursery this morning so Nate headed straight to the hospital this morning when we woke up and me and the kiddos headed to church to keep nursery. On the way, Porter was crying because he wanted to go check on Papa Lee. I told him we'd go visit when he comes home on Monday. Porter says "Momma, I'm sick. I need to go to the doctor!" Sneaky boy! Already trying to be a little con-artist! 

After church, my mom and dad kept the babies so I could go down and sit with Nate and his family. They had a lot of fun with Maw and Googy! These babies aren't spoiled one bit! 

Thanks Maw and Googy for watching the babies! And thankfully, Papa Lee is coming home tomorrow!


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