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I'm a BIG boy!

Porter's teacher sent me this picture a couple of days ago!  Look how big my baby is getting! (it was Uncle Kyle's birthday so we had to put on our "I Love My Uncle" shirt to celebrate)

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8 Months Old!

Mr. Porter,
You are 8 months old (on 2/12/13)!  Some things to remember about this past month (this is a long one :)....

- We had your 6 month check up back in January.  We have since been to the dr. several times though (I'll get to that below) so I'll put your most recent weight, and just put your length from your appointment back in January (they don't check your length at every appointment, just your weight).  This past Friday you were 21 lbs!  The last time they took your length at your 6 month appointment you were 28 3/4 inches long!  That means you are a full 7 inches taller than you were when you were born, and 13 lbs bigger!
- You are wearing size 4 diapers.
- It seems like you are in a ton of different sizes from different places.  You are mostly in 12 month clothes, and some 12-18 month.  You are still very skinny and long.  You actually lost a little weight this month from the sickies.
- You are still in size 4 shoes.
- You are a pretty good sleeper still.  You hate the process of going to sleep though and fight your sleep SO bad.  You just want to play all the time!  You also aren't crazy about nap time.  Sometimes you go down great...and other times, not so much!
- We have you on baby food all 3 meals a day.  You actually are eating some big people food too and you LOVE it.  Once you get your other 2 teeth in I'll probably just move you to just big people food.  You would much rather eat it than baby food (I can't blame you!)
- You eat 8 oz. in your bottle. 
- We have been giving you water every day and putting it in sippy cup.  You do ok with this but not great.  You just want to chew away on the nipple of the sippy cup.  I think I might have found one that you will drink out of without biting the top off....we will see :)
- At one of your dr. visits this month I asked her again about your consitpation issue because it just hurt you so bad.  She ended up having me start you on Mirilax and it has helped SO much!  We just give you a really, really small dosage in one of your bottles and it has worked WONDERS.  I am so very thankful.  I did not like to see you hurting!
- You still just have your 2 bottom teeth....and boy do you love them!  You are so proud of them!  I have some of the cutest pictures of you cheesing it up with your new teeth!  You've been working on getting your top 2 and the dr. said she wouldn't be surprised if they broke through soon.  The bottom 2 teeth didn't phase you but the top 2 seem to be hurting you more.  We have noticed you being a little more fussy with them but Oragel seems to help a ton.  You are such a passive, content baby!
- Daycare is still going great!  Your teachers brag on you all the time! 
- We have been combing your hair in a comb over and it is the cutest thing ever!  I know someday you might hate us for it but you are SO handsome!
- You still say Dada ALL THE TIME....seriously, if you are talking you are saying Dada!  It actually cracks me up!  I think you have figured out too that if we talk to you, you can talk back!  We love it...it's almost like we are really having a conversation with you!  You laid in bed with us Saturday morning and daddy and I were talking to you.  I said "Mr. Porter, who is your favorite".  You replied back with "Dada!"....we laughed SO hard!  Of course you knew you were doing something funny after that so you just kept hamming it up.  I have a feeling you are going to have a funny personaility like your daddy!  This month you also figured out how to say "Haiiiiiii"....you'll hold your hand up like you are going to wave and say "Haiiiii"....it's SO cute!  You will only do this sometimes though.
- You started waving this month when we wave at you.  When I leave you at daycare in the morning I always turn around at the door and wave bye to you and you stick that hand in the air and start trying to wave!  It's the cutest thing!
- You also have started learning how to clap! You aren't great yet but you practice all the time!
- A HUGE milestone this month was you started crawling!!  You are the cutest crawler I have ever seen!  You are so dramatic and slap your hands down really big when you are scooting across the floor!  It is hilarious!
- You got a walker for Christmas (the kind you stand behind and push) and you love to stand up on it.  It is your favorite thing to do.  You do not like to be sitting down or laying down...you just want to stand up all the time!  I know you'll be walking before we know it!
- You have had lots of dr. visits this past month because we just cannot shake the ear infections!  We never know when you have one though because you are so good!  The first one was only caught because we had your 6 month check up and she checked your ears...apparently you had a double ear infection and we just never knew it!  You are seriously the best baby.  We went back a couple weeks later just to make sure your antibiotics worked and it was gone but you had another one in one ear (or you just didn't get over the first one) so we started another round of antibiotics!  Poor guy!  Luckily,  you got over that ear infection.  Last Tuesday, you started coughing really really deep and raspy.  Daddy and I were worried and decided we we take you to the dr. the next day.  Well once you were asleep, you had a coughing attack and ended up throwing up because you gagged yourself from coughing so much.  We called a local clinic to see if there was any medicine we could give you for it until we could get you in to the dr. the next day and they actually told us to take you to the ER!  We at first thought that was little extreme but your grandparents said we better be safe than sorry.  We agreed and knew we'd have a peace of mind if we took you.  We are glad we did because you ended up having bronchiolitis and ANOTHER double ear infection!  I felt awful because we didn't catch your ear infections but you just never cry or pull on your ears.  We go back next Tuesday for another check of the ears just to make sure the infections are gone.  If they aren't, tubes it is! 

Porter Lee,
You are the most special boy in the world.  Everyday your daddy and I fall more and more in love with you.  You are the most special blessing to our family and we are so grateful for the opportunity to be your parents.  We are already praying for the man you will become one day and know God has big plans in store for your little life.  You are special.  You are important.  You are loved.  We love you to the moon and back, baby boy.

Daddy and Mommy

{Pictures from this past month}






We have a crawler!!!