Canoeing on the Elk!

Last weekend was my friend Ashtyn's 22nd Birthday! She happens to be dating my cousin Jarrod so he asked us to go canoeing with them on Saturday for Ashtyn's birthday....boy do I LOVE canoeing!

Us girls on the way to the river


The boys carrying the food!

Jarrod and Ashtyn

"What should I eat next??"

Ashtyn in her canoe

Taking a break on the bank!

Me and my Tater :)

The boys!

We got home around 4:30 or 5 and took a 4 hour nap! We slept til 9:30! We were EXHAUSTED! We had a blast though and i can't wait to go canoeing again! After we woke up from our forever long nap, I had to get started on a taggie and burp cloth for my friend Kati Beth. Her shower was Sunday afternoon and I had to miss it but I got to stop by her parents house and give it to her before she headed back home to Georgia. It turned out SO cute! She won't know what shes having until August so I made it somewhat neutral....its blues, greens, yellows and whites.

This weekend we really don't have too many plans. Saturday we are going to my Aunt Dar's for our family craft day which I am REALLY looking forward to! I have a ton of projects I am looking foward to completing! Other than that I am looking forward to having a pretty low-key weekend, swimming in the in-law's pool....I need to get me some sun! We leave for Florida in 39 DAYS!!! I am getting VERY excited for that....Im in desprate need of a vacation! Hope everyone has a great rest of the weeek!
Love :)


4th of July!

Well for those of you that don't know....the 4th of July is my FAVORITE holiday! It represents a lot of wonderful things. Freedom, Veterans, Summer, Fireworks. Of course the most important of those is the remembering the people that have fought and died for our country as well as the people that are still over seas protecting this country which we are all so blessed to live in.

I also love the fact that the 4th also gives us time to spend with family and friends! This weekend we have a jam packed schedule! Tonight we are going to the rodeo with our friends Courtney, Justin, Kari, and Mark. I LOVE going to the rodeo! Its one of the things I look forward to the most! Saturday we are waking up LATE! I will then probably get up and clean house for a bit and then at 5 we are heading to my Gma and Gpa's house to grill steaks! Yum! After eating, we will probably head on over to the rodeo again for the last night and to watch some fireworks! Sunday we will get up and go to church and then probably just hang out by the pool the rest of the day. Monday we will be heading out to Memaw's house to clean out her garage so she can have an open house. (Please pray that her house sells quickly so that she can move into town and be closer to all of us!) So that is our CRAZY weekend! I will be posting pics soon from the rodeo! Everyone have a GREAT, safe 4th of July weekend!