Guess what??

Today is was the release of Jason Aldean's 4th album! Yes, I do plan on buying it soon :)


A little thing called L.I.F.E

It has been quite a while since I posted last....probably due to the fact that a little thing called life got in the way! Its been crazy busy and honestly, I just have not found the time to sit down and post! I thought I might catch you up on some things we have been up to lately.

A few weekends ago, the Arkansas Razorbacks played Texas A&M at the Dallas Cowboys stadium. Those of you that know me, know I love me some Dallas Cowboys! Well my Dad surprised me, Nate and my brother with tickets to see the Razorbacks play at the Cowboys stadium! It was definetly a fun short family trip and we are so thankful for Dad doing that for us. I was beyond thrilled to finally see the Cowboys stadium!!

Me and Nate leaving Springdale on our way to the "Big D"!

View from our hotel....26th floor. I am a baby and couldn't get near the window

Dalton, Me, Nate and Dalton's friend Reid headed to see our Razorbacks play! WPS!

Dad and Mom at breakfast....my Dad is quite the character :)

Me and my Momma before the game! Shes too cute!

The fam (minus Dad) in front of the stadium!

Me and the Tater

Dalton and Reid

Nate and our friend Jerry Jones....we go way back ;)

Me and Jerry

Cowboys field

Of course, had to get the infamous "Shoe Shot"

We had a blast and THANK YOU Mom and Dad for taking us kids. Ya'll are the best and we love you!!
My Memaw has been trying to sell her house in Gentry for a while now so she can be closer to us kids. Its only 3o or so minutes away from most of us, but when the bad weather comes in the winter or she gets sick, that can be quite a pain. God answered our prayers and finally, her house sold a few weeks ago. She has bought a new house in Cave Springs just down the road from both of my aunts and my Mom. It will be nice because we can go see her more often and be nearer to her if she needs anything. The hard part has been packing all of her STUFF! I don't even think I can BEGIN to tell you how much this lady has! We were picking on her for the amout of stuff she has accumulated over her 78 years! I wish I would have gotten some better pictures of everything but I just got the 2 below...they honestly do it NO justice at all!

While we were there, my cousin Shelley's little man Michael found a new friend...a big white dog! We have no clue where he came from but him and Michael disappeared for a while outside with a Sharpie...looks like they may have had a little TOO much fun playing together!

He is too funny! Anyways, Memaw will be completly moved tomorrow and on Thursday we will do one final cleaning of her old house. It will be SO nice to have her closer to everyone!!
Nathan's Aunt Phyllis lives with his mom and dad and she is a HOOT! She has been BEGGING Kenny and Glinda to carve pumpkins with her and last week, we finally went over to carve them with her! Boy was she a happy camper!

Kenny using his jigsaw to cut off the tops of our pumpkins!
Glinda and Phyllis carving Phyllis' pumpkin

My pumpkin and its "guts"

Nate carving his pumpkin

My finished pumpkin....A haunted house!

Nate's finshed product....and owl

Sarah's finished product.....skulls

Phyl's finished product....a cat!

We always have so much fun with Phyllis! This past weekend we had a Halloween party at our friend Kari and Mark's house. It was a lot of fun! My camera won't load my pictures onto my computer for some reason so I will have to try and load them another night. We love getting together with all of our friends!
This week, things look to be slowing down some which is nice!! We are hopefully going to spend the weekend at my Memaw's farm in OK! What are your week / weekend plans??