6 Months Old!

(this is 6 days late...Porter was 6 months on Wednesday, 12/12/12!)
You are SIX months old!  That means we are officially half way to your very 1st birthday!  Some things to remember about month 6.....
- We have your 6 month check up on Monday so I don't know your stats yet.  I do know that you are a BIG boy.
- You are still wearing size 3 diapers
- You are in all 6-9 month clothes now.  I keep having to appologize to your teachers though because you are getting SO big for most of your clothes that they are getting hard to snap!  I am just trying to make it to Christmas because you are getting a BUNCH of new clothes for daycare...hopefully we can hold out another 10 days!
- I squeezed you in your size 2 boots and Converse one last time last week (tear).  You are officially in size 3's.
- You are still sleeping pretty good.  You usually get up once per night and that usually happens around 4a.  So you technically are "sleeping through the night" I guess, if we could just get you to wait until 6a!  You do go back to sleep after your 4a waking once I give you your bottle.  You usually just drink for a minute, then you fall right back asleep.
- You still aren't much of a napper.  On the weekends, you sometimes just take a couple of 30 minute cat naps a day.  You do sleep better for them at daycare though and somtimes take a 2 hour nap during the day.  I think you just think when you are home on the weekends with mommy and daddy it's play time!  We sure don't mind!
- You are still eating 6 oz. in every bottle.  We do have the occasional 8 or 10 oz. bottle but you usually are fine with 6.
- You're doing good with your baby food.  We have upped you to 2 meals a day of baby food.  You eat lunch and dinner and you love it.  You have had green beans, peas, sweet potatoes (you got sick), carrots, bananas, apple sauce, pears and peaches. You still aren't crazy about your veggies so we are going to have to work on that! You LOVE fruit though. You haven't had any that you don't like.
- Daycare is still going great.  They are working with you on so much right now and I love that!
- This month, you started sitting up!  You still aren't great at it, and you do fall over frequently but you are doing pretty good when I let go of you.  You will sit up for 20-30 seconds, then fall over.  I bet once your tummy muscles get worked some more, you'll be a pro!
- You are still having bathroom troubles.  We have tried everything.  It just seems to hurt you so bad.  I am going to ask the doctor about this at your appointment on Monday.
- When you are in your rocking chair, you have started trying to sit up and get out of your rocking chair!  I can't leave you for a second because I am 99% sure you'd flip out of it, even though you are buckled in!  When you become mobile, we are going to have to watch out because you will be ALL over the place!
- You still don't have any teeth but you are still drooling ALL of the time.  And also always have your hands in your mouth still.  I know it can take a while to cut teeth so I am curious to see if you have any come in any time soon.  Your little gums sure are hard and they do look a little bit white.  We will see!
- You had so much fun at your first Thanksgiving!  We gave you little bites of pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes.  You LOVED them.  We serioulsy couldn't get them to your mouth fast enough!
- You saw Santa Claus for the first time last weekend.  Let's just say it started out fine, then went downhill fast!  You were fine until I sat you in his lap and you looked up and saw who had you....you played with his beard for a minute and then kind of freaked a little!  It was too funny!
- You want to crawl very bad!  We will lay you down and you immediatly roll to your belly.  Once you are on your belly you'll push up on your little arms and do the "inch worm".  You don't really go anywhere but it's hilarious!  I think it makes you mad though because you  want to move around. 
- We put up our Christmas trees and you love them!  You have your own in your bedroom and it's of all of mommy and daddy's ornaments from them growing up, dating, getting married, and having you!  Someday, I hope to tell you stories of where each came from and what they mean.
- My favorite thing is the fact that you like to snuggle!  I don't know if it makes you feel secure or what but I like to think you just like lovin' on your momma!

Porter Lee,

You are a precious gift.  I can't believe we have had you for half of a year already!  Mommy will be planning your big first birthday bash before we know it!  You have blessed our lives in so many ways and we are so thankful for your sweet personality!  You can make anyone smile with that gummy grin!  Always know that mommy and daddy are your #1 fans and we are forever thankful for you! We love you to the moon and back, little man!

Daddy and Mommy

(some pics from month 6)