House Pics!

So it is about time put some pics up of the house! I have been promising this for a long time!

One end of the laundry room with the washer and dryer. I love our washer and dryer! We got them durning the Black Friday sales last year at a SUPER price! I can't wait to use them!

The other end of the laundry room...Just so you know, Nathan and I HATE this piece of furniture with a passion! lol! We spent THREE hours trying to get it in!! Custom fit.....yea right!!!! I am going to do the laundry room in funky colors! I can't wait to decorate it!

This is the hallway that leads out of the laundry room

One of the guest bedrooms....its the first door on the left that you see in the hallway above. This will be Dalton's (my little bro's bedroom) so I have been informed! lol! He loves Nathan and I am sure he will want to come spend the night with him every once in a while...not to mention he loves his sister too :)

My post would not be complete without putting a picture of Nathan's pride and joy! His "work bench" in the garage with all of his tools! Lol! He is sooo proud :)

The extra bathroom...we had to do this weird texture thing on the wall because the people that built the house had put up wallpaper that WAS NOT coming down. It turned out pretty good though! Notice there is not toilet! Lol! We got that in after I took this picture!

The living room! I know I know! It has the 60's wood paneling! But hey, it could be A LOT worse! Its not the worst paneling I have ever seen! We will make it look good!

The dining room table! I love our table (that we do not have chairs for yet! lol)! We still have to change out the light fixture in this room, the door leading to the back deck, and eventually the floor. I painted the walls a beautiful copper orange! It is sooooo pretty! I am definetly NOT afraid of color!

My kitchen! I love love love it......except for the ugly periwinkle blue countertops! lol! We are in the process of getting those redone and I cannot wait to see them! That will completly change the entire look of the room! We are also fixing to order all new stainless appliances so that will update it a lot! YAY!

My newest project....Nate's mom gave me this awesome table! I Know I know kind of an eye sore right now but I am going to sand the chairs and repaint them hot pink, bright orange, bright green and bright blue! I think it will be very neat once I get finished! The table looks really neat so I think I am going to get a piece of plexiglass cut for the top so it is a little more protected!

(By the way, yes our house is an ugly blue color as you can kind of see in the picture above! We are hoping to save up and change that once we are finished with the inside! I am thinking a slate/clay color with white trim...any opinions?:)

This is the back pasture! It is absolutely beautiful! We have around 5 acres that the house sits on and love it! You can see the barn and the fence that we have started building for the goats! We are not completely finished but once we are and we have the goats over here I will post on them too. Soooo cute:)

This is the other guest room. Nathan has turned it into an office or as we like to call it "the Man Room"! lol! It is the one room that is almost completly finished! It looks so good....just like something Nate would like. It is decorated in a very outdoorsy feeling with some rodeo/hunting stuff added in. Very cool!

The Master Bedroom.....soooo pretty! I chose to paint this room a rich chocolate brown because I am wanting to do golds, browns, blues and hints of green in here as well as carry that into the master bath. We also have some beautiful doors that lead out onto the back deck and look over into the pasture. I love it so much and can't wait to wake up in here everyday! :)

This is the vanity area. Nathan just redid the tile so that is why it looks a little messy! I am excited to get it cleaned up so that we can see the finished product!

I so cannot wait to get in our house and start decorating! We have done a lot but there is so much left to do! This is so much fun for me!!

I will post pics of the master bath at a later time. It is a little demolished right now and I am going to wait until you can see the finished product! It will be SUPER cute! Tonight we didn't get to go over to the house because every Monday night we go to Nathan's parents to watch Dancing with the Stars at 7:00 and 24 at 8:00. Well tonight was the season finale of 24 so they had a 2 hour show that started at 7:00....right when the first night of the season finale of Dancing was on!!! Well we could not have that so Nathan's dad fixed that for us real quick.....

Man did we look like a bunch or rednecks! 24 on the big screen and Dancing on the little TV muted! lol! We didn't miss much though! Thanks Kenny :)

Also, please go check out my RSVP website! I just started it tonight so it may take a while for me to update everything but you can at least get a general idea of what it will look like! Thanks all and have a good week!



Busy.....but good Sunday :)

We have had one busy Sunday! Frist off, this morning Nathan and I went to church with my parents at their church. It was a really great sermon. I always like to listen to Bro. Johnny! We are currently trying to find us a church home where we can start our lives together. We have been going some with my parents to their church in Cave Springs and some with Nathan's parents to First Baptist. We are just not sure right now where God is wanting us but I am sure that before long we will know. After church Nathan and I went out to eat with my parents at this new restraunt in Springdale called TaMolly's! It was very good and it was just nice to go out with my parents and spend some time together. After we ate we decided to go over to the house and work on it some more. We spent all afternoon Saturday working on it but we are so excited to be almost done we just can't seem to quit!! Today we worked on stripping the master bathroom, hanging up some pictures in Nate's "man room", and almost finishing up the guest bathroom. We are so excited about starting our lives together and having a home together!! Only 139 days til the big day!!

Right now Nate and I are just sitting on the couch at my parents house after a long days work, relaxing, enjoying being together!

As for wedding planning, next weekend we head down to Ft. Smith to see my bridal portraits! I am super excited to see them and hope that they turned out as good as our engagements!! Until next time!!