Busy.....but good Sunday :)

We have had one busy Sunday! Frist off, this morning Nathan and I went to church with my parents at their church. It was a really great sermon. I always like to listen to Bro. Johnny! We are currently trying to find us a church home where we can start our lives together. We have been going some with my parents to their church in Cave Springs and some with Nathan's parents to First Baptist. We are just not sure right now where God is wanting us but I am sure that before long we will know. After church Nathan and I went out to eat with my parents at this new restraunt in Springdale called TaMolly's! It was very good and it was just nice to go out with my parents and spend some time together. After we ate we decided to go over to the house and work on it some more. We spent all afternoon Saturday working on it but we are so excited to be almost done we just can't seem to quit!! Today we worked on stripping the master bathroom, hanging up some pictures in Nate's "man room", and almost finishing up the guest bathroom. We are so excited about starting our lives together and having a home together!! Only 139 days til the big day!!

Right now Nate and I are just sitting on the couch at my parents house after a long days work, relaxing, enjoying being together!

As for wedding planning, next weekend we head down to Ft. Smith to see my bridal portraits! I am super excited to see them and hope that they turned out as good as our engagements!! Until next time!!


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