Lowes.....my new favorite store :)

You know you go to a store too much when everyone in there smiles at you and says "Hey! Haven't seen you since yesterday!" Well this is exactly how I feel at Lowe's. It feels like Nathan and I are there daily. But, I can't say that I hate it! I am having so much fun picking out things for the house! Tonight we went and narrowed our countertops down to 3 different options! I never realized how hard it was to make these choices but I am really putting some deep thought into it considering I have to live with it for the next however long. It is so funny to me how much of an opinion Nathan has! I love that he does, don't get me wrong...it just makes me laugh sometimes! :) We really had fun this weekend! We started putting the house together and I think it is going to come together really nicely! We are super excited and I will make sure to post pictures soon! (but I will wait until we are completely done...don't want to spoil the surprise :). Well, hope everyone has a wonderful week! I already can't wait for another weekend! We are HOPEFULLY building the goat pen next weekend (like we have supposed to for the last 3) so hopefully I will have pictures of that completed too!

See ya!
Chrissy :)

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