This age with Porter has got to be my favorite stage yet!  He is saying the funniest things right now!  I wanted to go ahead and make a post of funny "Porter-isms" from recently...and hopefully I'll do these posts often so I don't forget the funny things my boy says!

- He tells us we are his "best".  Instead of best friends, we are just his best.  Example - "Momma, you're my best!"

- He calls Kinley Mae his "bay-bay".  Not baby, "bay-bay".  All other babies are called babies.  But not his sister.  That is his nickname for her...and I LOVE it!

- He went hunting with daddy this past weekend.  I asked him before he left how he got so sweet.  His response:  "Jesus made me sweet Momma!"

- He thanks us for EVERYTHING.  If we make him supper, he say thank you.  If we pick up a toy, he says thank you.  If we buckle him in his carseat, he says thank you.  He is a thoughtful, well mannered little guy!

- When he wants to take a bath he says "Momma, I am dusty!"

- Mom took him to church one Wednesday night and they were talking about Papa Porter.  He could not understand that Papa Porter was mom's dad and also his great- grandpa.  He kept saying "No, Maw.  Papa Porter is my Papa, not your daddy!"  A few days later we ran into town and there was an old, run-down house on the side of the road.  Porter said "Momma, that was my grandpa's house."  I said "Really Porter?  What was his name?"  He said "His name was Papa Porter."  I then proceeded to tell him that Papa Porter was Maw's daddy (not knowing about the conversation he had had with mom the week before).  He started to cry really big crocodile tears and said "No mommy, that is NOT Maw's daddy, he is MY papa!".  He had me in stitches!  I didn't realize he was so protective of his Papa Porter who he has never even met!

- Nate's hunting truck is "Porter's truck".  He refers to it as his truck all the time.  He sold his single cab and bought a new crew cab diesel so he can use for pulling things as well.  So we told Porter he got a new hunting truck.  The morning after we bought it, Nate drove it to work.  I took the kids out and loaded them in the car later that morning to run to the store and Porter noticed "his" truck wasn't in the driveway.  He said "Momma, where is my new truck?"  I said "Well Porter, we told you Daddy was going to drive it to work some so he can pull his trailer with it.".  He said "Momma, that makes me so mad!" (all with a smile on his face...so I don't know if he knows what mad even means!)  I said "Why are you mad Porter?  You are the cutest boy I've ever seen!"  He said "No momma, I'm the maddest boy you've ever seen!"  And I lost it!  Where does he come up with this stuff?!?

- He calls birthdays, "dep-days".

- I'll leave you with this gem. Nates dad always sings the kids some random made up songs. Porter LOVES it. He recently is always asking me and Nate to "sing about it!". For example, we pass a cow. Porter says "momma, let's sing about it!". Or we get a drink of chocolate milk. "Momma, let's sing about it!" This particular day we were driving next to a huge tractor. I only got about a quarter on video because I was try to film on the sly. He usually doesn't keep going once he sees me filming but he didn't seem to mind this time! So happy I got this on video!

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