Sew fun!!

Well I would have to say I had a VERY fun and productive weekend with the family! For my birthday, Nathan got me a sewing machine and Im obsessed with making things now! All us girls in my family decided that we needed to have a sewing day since every one either had a sewing machine or there were extras at Aunt Dar's house. Let me tell you we had a BLAST like we always do! I Just love my family! Ill introduce you to some of them (the ones I got pics of) real quick......

Me and Michael (hes been featured on the blog a few times due to the fact that he is my "boyfriend"...hah! He is my cousin Shelley's son. He has a picture of me and him that I got him for his birthday that he carries to breakfast with him, to watch tv with him, to say his prayers with him, etc....hes too cute! :)

This is MiKael (and baby Reese that will be here in 6 weeks:)! My cousins MiKael and Shelley are 2 of my best friends!

This is my cousin Shelley...shes too funny! Her other son Kobye is right next to her

This next picture, I am going to get in serious trouble for due to the fact that this person HATES getting her picture taken....this is my Aunt Dar :) I love her!

And of course, can't forget Uncle Mike!

So starting out our Saturday, we cut out our apron cutting/designing as seen below.....My cousin Shelley was our teacher for the day because she has made MANY aprons before!

We then began the sewing/ironing/getting irritated a few times :)

Final product.....Lily Grace's mini apron....tooo cute!!

My finished apron for my sister in - law Sarah. YAY! And it only took me 6 hours to finish..haha! Hopefully next time I will know what Im doing and it won't take so long!

We also got crafty and made some hairbows for Reese and my friend Meredith's little girl! Below is LG modeling her's

Last project of the day was making Reese a valance for her newly painted room! I can't wait to see this little girl...shes going to be so much fun!
Our beginning product.....a bare pice of wood shaped for our valance

Ta-da!! It was SUPER easy and was probably our quickest project of the day besides the hair-bows!

We then started thinking about things to add to it....not sure who came up with it but we ended up tacking some of our flower hair-bows to the valance and look at how stinkin' cute it turned out! I have to say Im super excited to see these up in her room! I love how they turned out!

Both of them together.....My favorite thing is how none of the flowers are the same! They are so fun and different! The bottom fabric that is laying on the ironing board will be her bumper and the fabric used on the valances will be used on the bed skirt....Too cute!

Close up

Well hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend! I can't wait for our next project day! We are painting next time! Have a great Monday!!

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Meredith and Brent! said...

OMG! Those flowers are sooo cute! You will have to teach me how to make them!! :)