Girls Night!!

Last night we had a MUCH needed girls night! I have looked forward to it all week long! Me, Ash, Court and Ashley had so much fun! We started out our night at PF Changs eating a delicious meal!

We then went out and walked the mall for a while...there we ran into our friends Megan and Julie! We talked to them for a while and then decided it was time for a Target run!! Im obsessed :) We then decided to get a little crazy and go have us some Cold Stone.....delish!!! I don't endulge in that a lot but man, it was SO wonderful! We then decided to over to our house for a little bit....that didn't last long! LOL! We were all so exhausted everyone ended up calling it a night early and I headed to bed! Woke up this morning at 9:30 (!!!!) and have been cleaning house ever since!! Now, Im heading back up to the mall to walk around with Ashtyn for a bit due to the fact that it is 61 degrees here and I am desprately wanting to get outside!! Hope everyone has a FABULOUS weekend!
Much Love....

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