Gardens Galore!

First off, I have a featured person on my blog today....My Grandma Mae! I spent everyday with her and my Papa when I was little and my Dad and Mom worked. She taught me to cook and basically let me be rotten :)

Well its Wednesday....thank goodness! I'm in need of another weekend. Not sure if you knew this but last Saturday was the best day of the year to put out your garden. My 90 year old Granny Georgia told my grandma that the best day to put one out is the 100th day of the year....so needless to say, Saturday we spent all day putting out my grandma and grandpas garden. It was so fun! Nathan had to run out of town for the day to pick up a part for the truck he is rebuilding so I decided to head over and join in on the fun!

Dad plowing the garden

Me and my "big', little brother (hes 5' 11" now and in 8th grade!!!)

The family, minus Nate

Me and my Papa Royce...I just love him :)...he spoiled me ROTTEN!

My Dad's twin brother Denny....aka my Uncle Denny, and my Aunt Sandy with me and my brother

Well since Nate was out of town on Saturday, we decided to put our garden out on Sunday. This was a big deal for us considering we both grew up with our parents having gardens....we have to make sure that ours is as good as theirs were! We had SOOOO much fun deciding what to plant and then laying it all out! It was a good time together! We have 6 rows of veggies and fruit! There is okra, squash, corn, tomatoes, peppers, watermelon, and strawberries! Delicious! There is nothing like fresh veggies from the garden!

Nathan tilling the garden!

Nathan watering after we had planted all of the plants :)

Had to make sure to get a pic of myself with the garden as proof that I DID help! LOL!

We also decided to do some minor landscaping...it was getting dark and we figured we needed something to do this coming weekend so that will be our next project! We really did have a good time!

Now we are just sitting on the couch, watching some boy movie...lol. I am very ready for the weekend this week...its been one crazy week at work this week! Please say some prayers for our friends Courtney and Justin...I won't say why just yet but please just keep them in your prayers! Thanks! Hope everyone has a good rest of the week!


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