So I have seen quite a few other people post their top 10 favorite things...I figured I would share mine with you too!

1) Nathan and Biscuit :)

2) The beach....especially the one in the picture below!! (Daytona Beach)

3) OPI's Cajun Shrimp....Im really surprised at how many people love this nail polish! Its honestly the best!

4) Bright Colors! I love to wear them, decorate with them, etc!

5) Jessica Simpson shoes....the ones below are some of my favorites....but I love all of them!
6) Sweet tea....Im from the south! Thats all we drink down here! 7) Anything gawdy and sparkly....love it!
8) Creating something.
9)Breakfast for dinner.....this is my all time fav :)
10)Target and Hobby Lobby....pretty sure they would both be out of business if I didn't visit. LOL!
What are your top 10 favorite things??

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