Oh Cajun Shrimp how I love thee.....

So this morning me and my 2 BFF's went and got our first pedicures of the year :) Last year, I found this awesome color that I seem to still be obsessed with......Cajun Shrimp! Its so wonderful! I am usually just a neon pink girl but man, I love this color!

Me and Court

All us girls :)

Me and Ash

After that, me and Courtney went to the mall.....Im just going to tell you, whenever I get my toes done, there is only one thing I want to do afterwards.....BUY SHOES!!!! Needless to say, Courtney and I walked out of the mall with shoes :) Now, Nate and I are just sitting on the couch watching HGTV (haha) getting ready to cook dinner....can yall believe this nasty weather??? I seriously thought we were finished with this stuff! Well, hope everyone has a fantastic rest of the weekend!

See ya!

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