18 Weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights:

How far along: 18 weeks

Size of baby Avey: Mango (6 in., 0.5 lbs.) YAY!

Gender: Girl! Kinley Mae Avey

Maternity Clothes: Pant = Yes, Tops = No....still wearing flowy tops. My favorite thing to wear are dresses...they are MUCH more comfortable!

Movement: No....little stinker! I keep telling her to kick me so I know shes in there...she is already stubborn apparently! I know I'll regret saying that later but Im so ready to feel her!

Sleep: Still good...I've been fighting a cold this week so thats not been good on the sleep for me or for Nate (apparently my usual quiet nights with no snoring or talking have turned into what Nathan refers to as "the bear he is sleeping with"...I know he's ready for me to get over this so my bad habits doesn't keep him up all night!)

Symptoms: Nothing really....my face has cleared up some and my hairs seems to be doing better....maybe I was just in a funk??

Cravings: Still loving my cuties

Best moment this week: When I got a text yesterday from my cousin Shelley telling me the dresser / buffet she was painting for me for Kinley's room was almost done! I about peed my pants...I didn't expect her to already be almost finished with it and I am just tickled! Go check out her new website HERE or on Facebook HERE! I can't show you any pictures just yet but I will tell you its SUPER cute!

Hope everyone is having a good week! My mom got mad at me today because I don't update often enough so Im hoping to start blogging more...just to keep her happy :)

The Avey's

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