19 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:
How far along: 19 weeks
Size of Baby Avey: Mango (6.5 in., 10 oz.)
Gender: Girl! Kinley Mae Avey
Maternity Clothes: Pants = yes, Tops = still wearing my normal tops. I have been wearing dresses a TON because they are more comfortable. I've noticed they are getting a little shorter due to my growing belly so I may need to go get some new dresses soon!
Movement: I THINK I might have felt her this week! I have been having some serious rolling going on in my belly, especially at night and I can't think of anything else it would be. I know they say you can sometimes mistake it for gas bubbles but this is for sure NOT a gas bubbles! It really is a cool feeling if that is what I am feeling!
Sleep: Still sleeping great!
Symptoms: Nothing right now
Cravings: Still Cuties
Best moment this week: Sunday night when I thought I might have felt Kinley for the first time! It was a cool feeling and I just know it was her! Nate was so excited too and kept asking if maybe he could feel it on the outside too...I told him not yet but soon!

Next week is my 20 week dr. appointment so we can verify we really have a little girl here in my belly! We are so excited to get to see her again on the ultrasound. I wish I could get one done every time we went to the doctor!

My parents and brother leave tonight for New Orleans. Then Sunday morning they get up early and leave for their 7 day cruise! Please keep them in your prayers! The last thing this pregnant momma needs is to have to worry about the soon to be grandparents and uncle!

The Avey's

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