16 Weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights:

How far along: 16 weeks

Size of baby Avey: Turnip (5 in., 5 oz.)

Gender: GIRL!! Kinley Mae Avey

Maternity Clothes: Pants = Yes, Tops = No

Movement: None yet...hopefully soon though!

Sleep: Still fine...praying this continues

Symptoms: Break-outs still and flat hair. I was told by a few people last week though that this is completely normal. I also tried a different shampoo and it seemed to help some too.

Cravings: Cuties

Best moment this week: We had our 15 week dr. appt this week since my dr. was out last week. We got to hear Kinley's heartbeat! I LOVE that sound!

I hope y'all are having a good week! For being a 4 day work week, its felt more like 7...I'm SO ready for the weekend. I am working on uploading our reveal video...for some reason my computer wouldn't upload it so I may have to wait until we go to our parents house to get it uploaded. I am SO ready to share it though! If we are friends on Facebook, go check it out on my page!

The Avey's

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