15 Weeks!

First off, Merry (late) Christmas and Happy New Year!! What a great Christmas we had in the Avey household! I will for sure be posting soon about our busy Christmas weekend but right now, its time for a baby Avey update!

Pregnancy Highlights:

How far along: 15 weeks

Size of baby Avey: Avacado (4 to 5 inches, 3 to 5 oz.)

Gender: We had a HUGE surprise last weekend and got to find out early what our little baby Avey is...it's a GIRL!!! Kinley Mae! I'll share the reveal story below!

Maternity Clothes: My mom bought me a pair of maternity jeans for Christmas and I LOVE them! I am still wearing normal tops though.

Movement: None yet but we do have an active little girl on our hands according to the ultrasound last week! She was ALL over the place.

Sleep: I slept like a rock all this week! Sarah over at Nearly Newlyweds recommended I get the Snoogle prenancy pillow and I will be ordering that VERY soon!

Symptoms: Im not sure I'd classify this as a symptom but my face is breaking out terribly! I have never had too much of a problem with breakouts but I sure do now! Also, if you know me you know I like some poof in the hair...well it WILL NOT poof right now! There is zero volume in this girls hair right now! BUT, this is all A-OK with me if it means this little squirt is healthy!

Cravings: Still cutie oranges

Best moment this week: Finding out we are having a precious baby GIRL!! Still hard for me to wrap my mind around!

We had a big reveal party Monday night after we found out we were having a girl!! It was SO fun and I highly recommend doing one! I am going to save pictures, the video and details of the party for another post all of its own but it was better than I even imagined!

I hope everyone has a safe New Year's weekend with family and friends! I know we are looking forward to our annual trip to Tulsa to spend Christmas / New Year's with my Dad's side of the family!

The Avey's

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Sarah said...

Yay for a girl!! Kinley Mae is too precious. What a bummer about losing your proof. Wait until your new growth comes in and you have a million tiny baby hairs everywhere and they REFUSE to lay down! Just preparing you! Haha.