Drum roll please.......

And the color we chose for the Master Bedroom is......CHOCOLATE BROWN!!! It is soooo beautiful! I was so torn on what color to paint our room! It was definetly the hardest decision yet! Our comforter is a gold color with blue and mocha colored paisley on it....very beautiful! Well i was torn between painting it a soft blue or a goldish color. I asked Nate's aunt Randa (Miranda is her real name!) for her vote and she said "Well why not a mocha brown or a chocolate brown??" I hadn't even thought of that!! And I even went to school for interior design! Needless to say, the next day we were at the paint store buying a beautiful, rich chocolate brown! I will post pics soon! I know I said I would this time but it has been so crazy! Now I can't decide which room I will like better! I was sure the kitchen would be my favorite! We are painting it next and we have picked a color called Copper Gleam! It is a burnt orange color with a gold sheen to it! Soooo pretty! Until next time! :)



House update!

Today Nathan and I spent ALL DAY working on the house!! We actually spent all weekend working on it. It was so much fun and we got so much accomplished! We are probably 3/4 of the way finished painting and then we are going to start on the countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms! YAY! We also put mulch in the flowerbeds this weekend.....we have used 24 bags of mulch so far and still need about 10-12! We did not realized how small of a space it would take up. We are also going to be landscaping the front yard soon! I am soooo excited about that! Yay! This is a short post but I will update again soon! Next time I will try to have pictures of the house.

Love much!


New living room furniture + a dining room table!!

Well a couple weekends ago Nate and I were driving down the road and we passed Ashley Furniture. Nate said "Babe, why don't we stop and look at some furniture?" I was completely astounded! I said "Well sure.....are you sure you want to?" He told me he did so we stopped in. We found a beautiful living room suit and were almost set on it when Nate said that we probably needed to look around some more because we had not looked a whole lot and there may be something better out there. I agreed so we headed to Sam's Discount Furniture in Springdale behind Cracker Barrell. We walked in an literally spent 2 hours in that store! I loved it! We had 4 living room suits picked out by the end of our excursion and had to narrow it down....that was sooooo hard! I went back and forth and back and forth for a least 30 minutes until finally Nate told me to pick one that I would like for a long time and not get tired of quickly. Well that was easy! I wish he would have said that 30 minutes ago! LoL! As soon as he said that, I walked over to the one I was leaning towards and said it was the one I wanted.(Nate's only request was that it was brown leather which was fine with me!) We are storing our furniture out above the garage at Nate's parents house and are super excited to see it in our house!

I am so lucky to have such a wonderful fiancee! He is so willing to listen to my indecisiveness (which I am often) and I am so blessed to be a part of his life! I am so ready to start our lives together! We have had so much fun getting our house ready and preparing for life together! Pray for us in the next few months that we stay on the right path with the Lord and follow his plan for us.

I have put pictures of our furniture below along with pictures of our dining room table that we have had for a while! We have no chairs yet so any suggestions for where to buy counter height chairs would be greatly appreciated! Enjoy!