Lowes.....my new favorite store :)

You know you go to a store too much when everyone in there smiles at you and says "Hey! Haven't seen you since yesterday!" Well this is exactly how I feel at Lowe's. It feels like Nathan and I are there daily. But, I can't say that I hate it! I am having so much fun picking out things for the house! Tonight we went and narrowed our countertops down to 3 different options! I never realized how hard it was to make these choices but I am really putting some deep thought into it considering I have to live with it for the next however long. It is so funny to me how much of an opinion Nathan has! I love that he does, don't get me wrong...it just makes me laugh sometimes! :) We really had fun this weekend! We started putting the house together and I think it is going to come together really nicely! We are super excited and I will make sure to post pictures soon! (but I will wait until we are completely done...don't want to spoil the surprise :). Well, hope everyone has a wonderful week! I already can't wait for another weekend! We are HOPEFULLY building the goat pen next weekend (like we have supposed to for the last 3) so hopefully I will have pictures of that completed too!

See ya!
Chrissy :)



I hagve completely fallen off of the blogging bandwagon!! We have been so busy wedding planning and working on school and work things! I have so much to blog about!

Regarding the house....we have finally started moving things in!! We are sooo excited! We have moved over all of the furniture we have except for Nate's bedroom furniture! It is looking soooo nice! We do not have everything set up by any means but we do have a pretty good start on it. I think Nate is hoping to be in within the next couple of weeks! Kinda of makes me nervous because it makes the whole wedding thing a little more real! We have sort of set up the living room like we will want it and Nathan's "man room" is also sort of set up, but other than that we haven't done much!

We have also taken engagement and bridal pictures!!! Yay! I have so been looking forward to taking these for so long now! I thought it would never get here! We took engagments towards the end of March and have already seen the proofs. Let me just say....my photographers are wonderful! You can see their blog at www.photosmemtalk.com. They are excellent to work with and have amazing product to offer! As for bridals, I took them last Sunday and my parents and I are going to the viewing on May 9th! I am sooo ready to see them! We went to the neatest places and they had the most creative ideas! We also went and picked up my bridal boquet at my florist. We decided to use Brick Street Botanical up in Rogers. You can see her work at www.brickstreetbotanical.com. We are super excited about using her. My whole idea for our wedding was to have somthing completly unique with just the right amount of funkiness! I love unique different things and I am so excited about September 19!!! Mom and I have been working hard and are ready for things to start falling into place!

We have 2 showers already planned!!! YAY!! My first one will be July 11th (my best friend's birthday). This one is being put on by all of the wonderful ladies at First Baptist Springdale that have watched Nathan grow up into the man he is today. We are so blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives! The second one is on July 25th and my best friend is putting this one on for us. She is my maid of honor and is also including my 5 other bridesmaids. They are all wonderful and mean the world to me! Nathan and I are the most blessed people in the world to be surrounded by all of these wonderful people. Nathan's aunts are also planning on putting us on a shower for just our 2 families and I am soooo looking forward to that! It is just a time for our two families to get together, meet, and prepare for our big day!

Needless to say, we have been busy, busy, busy! I promise I will not wait so long to blog next time! Much love!!