Patio Furniture!

We have been on the look out for some cute furniture for our back deck for quite some time now. We ended up FINALLY finding some at Lowe's the other day for a WONDERFUL deal and couldn't pass it up! I really like it because its silver (which I have never seen before) and I love the simple design of it! We also ended up getting a grill this weekend because Nathan has been BEGGING me for one....I only thought it fair to let him get one if he was buying me a patio set!

We went to church with my Dad for Father's Day and I had my mom get a quick picture of me, my brother and Nathan.....what makes me sad about this picture is Dalton is almost as tall as Nathan now :(....hes not supposed to be getting THAT big yet is he?? He told me his goal is to be at leave 6' 4" so he can be taller than Nate.....how funny. I sure do love these 2 boys!
Well I hope everyone has a good rest of the week! We have been sickly today so hopefully this all clears up over night and we are back to 100% tomorrow!

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