Patio Furniture!

We have been on the look out for some cute furniture for our back deck for quite some time now. We ended up FINALLY finding some at Lowe's the other day for a WONDERFUL deal and couldn't pass it up! I really like it because its silver (which I have never seen before) and I love the simple design of it! We also ended up getting a grill this weekend because Nathan has been BEGGING me for one....I only thought it fair to let him get one if he was buying me a patio set!

We went to church with my Dad for Father's Day and I had my mom get a quick picture of me, my brother and Nathan.....what makes me sad about this picture is Dalton is almost as tall as Nathan now :(....hes not supposed to be getting THAT big yet is he?? He told me his goal is to be at leave 6' 4" so he can be taller than Nate.....how funny. I sure do love these 2 boys!
Well I hope everyone has a good rest of the week! We have been sickly today so hopefully this all clears up over night and we are back to 100% tomorrow!


Family Reunions and Showers Galore!

Hello there! Its been a while since I have blogged! I am feeling WAYYYY behind! We have been very busy between being out of town, work, concerts, parties, etc! Its been a busy start to the summer but very good!

Last week we took off Thursday and Friday to head to Nathan's family reunion. It was SOOOO nice to have some time off to just relax together and see his family that we see once a year! They do a big camping trip every year and its really fun! We got there Thursday around 2p and just hung out and relaxed that night with his family. Friday we slept in until about 8 and then woke up and went fishing all day. We came back in and had some chili dogs for dinner (I just have the chili...not a fan of the dog :) and visited with the family that was starting to come in. Saturday we once again slept in til about 8 and then got up and went to town for a little bit. We went to lunch with Nate's parents at little restraunt in the town we were staying in and then made a quick Walmart run. Saturday night is the famous Kilpatrick Family Fish Fry.....DELICIOUS! We had catfish and all the fixin's. We also had the auction at this time. They auction off items that the familly donates...most of them are usually family heirlooms like old pictures, old song books, old bibles, etc. Its really neat! After the Fish Fry and auction we had our Annual business meeting to decide where to have the family reunion next year and then it was off to bed because everyone was VERY exhausted by then. Sunday we woke up and started cooking things for lunch. Its the last day of the reunion so they always have a big potluck and everyone brings whatever they want to for lunch. Then its time to head home. We left Sunday around 5p and got home around 7p....I was EXHAUSTED! I loved going and seeing Nathan's family but man was it nice to be home! I didn't get a SINGLE picture so I have none to post!

This week should be a pretty busy week! Saturday we have a wedding shower at 2p for Nathan's cousin Daniel and his fiancee Natalie. They are getting married August 1st so Saturday is the family shower for them. Saturday night a few of my friends and I are hosting a baby shower for our friend Meredith! It should be a very good time with lots of zebra and pink for her little diva! I will post pics from the shower sometime this weekend! Hope everyone has a great rest of the week!



So I am alive! I just have been WAYYYYY busy apparently! I am planning on posting one night this week to update on what all is going on in life! Sorry I have been MIA!