This post is very random....I had lots of things to talk about so I figured I would just ramble!

I collect crosses and have a serious obesession with them! I LOVE them. And I don't just buy any cross. It has to have a special meaning to me or have been given to us by someone. I write on the back of each of them the reason we bought it or who gave it to us. So I decided when we got married to start a cross wall. It has seriously grown!

Before: (September 2009)

Now: (May 2011)

It is by no means finished and more than likely will have to move to a new, bigger wall. I just LOVE crosses!

Tonight we are going to dinner at Monte Ne Chicken for my mother-in-law's birthday. I LOVE Monte Ne....we literally live 2 minutes away and never go. Not sure why that is.

We went today to buy my mother-in-law's birtday present. We decided to get her a Brighton charm bracelet. I wanted to get something that will mean something to her 10 years from now and I just think they are beautiful. I will be starting mine here in the next week or so too!

We are missing my freind Kari's birthday dinner tonight and I hate that....I was SO looking forward to it! Luckily, I will see all of my girlfriends next weekend for our friend Courtney's bachelorette party so that makes up for it I guess!

We leave for Branson week after next and I am SO excited. This is our first time to get away for a few days together, just the 2 of us, since our honeymoon almost 2 years ago. I am SO looking forward to it and I'm pretty sure Nathan is too!

Well I guess thats it for now. I'll try to take pics tonight at dinner to post soon! Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Hi there!

Well it has been far too long since I have posted! I was getting a little bored with blogging because I didn't feel like we had much going on....I decided though that in 5 years I am going to love reading back on what we were up to so I am going to try to get back on the blogging band wagon. I can't promise daily posts or to stay on a schedule but I'll try my hardest to post as often as possible.

Last weekend was Easter weekend. We went to our churches Easter service on Sunday morning and then had lunch with my family and dinner with Nate's family. I love our families and love getting together with them. I love Easter. I love celebrating Jesus and love knowing that someday, because of his sacrifice, we will be celebrating in Heaven with him. I am so thankful that we were raised in Christian homes that celebrate Jesus. I took just a couple of pics on my phone at my Memaw's house because my memory card was full and didn't get a single pic at Nathan's family Easter so they are not the best quality!

Dalton, Me and Nate

My bigger than me, little brother....oh I love him!

We have been getting some nasty weather here in NWA (flooding, rain, etc) so I'm not sure what we will be up to this weekend. Next weekend though, I am throwing a bachelorette party for my friend Courtney who is getting married in May! I remember how I felt the month before Nathan and I got married...I just wanted it to get here so we could FINALLY be married! It will be here before they know it though so all I can say is enjoy every single second leading up to your wedding!

I promise I will be back soon to blog! Hopefully next time with more pictures! (this post was just for you Mom :)