3 months old!

You are 3 months old! You are such a big boy! Some things to remember about month 3....

- I know I said I'd post your 2 month stats once we had your dr. appt but I never did! At your 2 month appointment you were almost 13 pounds (69%), your head circumfrence was 41cm (69%) and you were 24 inches long (79%). I weighed you at home the other day and you are almost 16 lbs now and are about 27 inches long! You are growing so much right now!
- You are finishing up the box of size 2 diapers we have and then moving on to size 3's! How in the world are you already big enough to wear size 3 diapers?!
- You are in size 3-6 month onesies and some 6-9 month onsies. You're pants and jeans are all 3-6 months too. You look especially cute in your little Wrangler's and boots!
- When you wear shoes (which isn't often because you are like your momma and want to be barefoot all the time) you wear a size 2.
- You are pretty much sleeping through the night now. We still have a few nights where you will wake up around 3-4a but mostly you sleep all night long. Blessed!
- We are still getting you to sleep around 9-9:30p. You wake up around 6a.
- You are eating about 5-6 oz. every 2-3 hours or so. We have started adding rice cereal to your bedtime bottle and it really has helped your sleeping. You have never woke up much at night but it just keeps your little tummy full for longer.
- You sat in your Bumbo for the first time and LOVED it. You laughed SO hard when I put you in it and sat down in front of you. I think it made you feel like a big boy...like you had some independence!
- You LOVE grabbing a hold of things....especially mommy's hair :) We have started putting toys in your hand and you love to just stare at them. You have a very strong grip!
- After we get home from work and daycare, me and you go lay in your bedroom floor and have play time. We usually start out on your play gym. You LOVE your play gym. It has a piano at the end of it and toys and a mirror above your head. When you see yourself in the mirror you get excited and start hitting the piano keys with your feet! It is the cutest thing! After we play in the play gym, we usually sit in your Bumbo...I already told you how much you LOVE your Bumbo! Daddy sat you in your exersaucer the other day for the first time. You weren't sure about it at first but then you figured out the bottom of it was a bungie board where your feet sit. Once you figured that out, we couldn't keep you from bouncing like crazy! You had a blast!
- You haven't quite rolled over yet but you sure are trying hard. I catch you on your side ALL the time and think that you are about to roll all the way over but you are just content laying on your side. I have helped you roll over a couple of times and you don't seem to mind....you just aren't quite ready to do it yourself yet I guess!
- We went shopping with Grandmama and Uncle D one day and were in American Eagle waiting for Uncle D while he was trying on school clothes. You and Grandmama walked in front of a mirror and she stopped to see if you would recognize yourself. You just stared and then all of the sudden started cracking up. It was hilarious! You talked and talked to yourself for a good 10 minutes. It was the most precious thing!
- I'd definetly say you have found your hands. They are ALWAYS in your face or in your mouth!
- Mommy took you to the church nursery for the first time and of course, you loved it. You don't mind other people holding you and are always good for others so it wasn't too hard to leave you there...although I would have much rather held you in church!

Porter Lee,
You are the most happy, fun, sweet baby boy and we are SO thankful for you! I can already see your little personality forming and it literally melts my heart. You are SO much like your daddy it is funny. I told him just today that you were going to be a ham like he is! You love to make people laugh and love to be around people just like he does! Some mornings, daddy and I wake up and lay you in bed with us and just talk and talk to you. You make us so happy that sometimes I literally feel like my heart is going to explode. We are SO proud to be your mommy and daddy and pray every day for you and the big boy you are becoming. We love to the moon and back, baby boy.

Mommy and Daddy

(some of Porter's 3 month photo shoot with mommy!)

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