7 months old!

Mr. Porter,
You are 7 months old! Some things to remember about month 7....

- We had to reschedule your 6 month check up back in December because your doctor was sick so we don't have it until next Monday.  We had to take you in for a small ear infection though right after Christmas and you were right at 20 lbs.  She didn't measure you so I'm curious to see how long you are!
- You are still BARELY in size 3 diapers....in fact, after we finish this box we are moving on up to size 4's
- You are pretty much in 12 month clothes.  There are the occasional 9 month clothes you can wear but you are just growing like a weed!  I had Gigi monogram you a shirt for Christmas and you have worn it one time...and it was tight already!!
- You are wearing size 4 shoes.  We bought you the CUTEST pair of tennis shoes this month.  You are stylin'.
- You still sleep pretty good and are getting up about once per night.
- You are still not a napper...we need to work on this :)  You fight your sleep SO very badly before naps and before bed time.  I know you just end up exhausting yourself and eventually falling asleep.  You'd MUCH rather be playing with mommy and daddy! 
- You are still loving baby food.  We have upped you to 2 meals a day (today you actually did 3 meals) and you are doing great.  You are just such a great eater and have been since you were born.  I don't think I'll ever have to worry about you cleaning your plate! You've pretty much tried all of the stage 1 baby foods.  Next time I go to Walmart I am going to get you some stage 2 baby foods to try so we can change your flavors up some.  You are not a fan of your veggies but LOVE your fruits.
- You still eat 6-8 oz, in your bottle. 
- You take your juice in a sippy cup and so far you are doing good with that.  You do like to chew on the nipple of your sippy cup but that is just because you are teething.
- We give you one bottle of juice every day...usually Apple Prune because you are still having bathroom problems.  Your doctor told us not to worry about it but I just can't help it!  I don't like you hurting!
- You have your 2 bottom teeth!  It is seriously the CUTEST thing to see you smile!  They are not fully out but most of one is and about half of the other one is.  Its precious.
- Daycare is still going great.  They send you home with a Mohawk about half the time!  Also, everyone calls you Mr. Porter...even the little kiddos!  That is your new nickname.  We all just love you, Mr. Porter!
- Your hair is getting so long and growing in in a sandy brown color.  Gigi says its just like your daddy's hair when he was your age. 
- This month you said "Dada"....seriously! It was the sweetest, most precious things I have ever heard...and I am pretty sure your daddy would agree!  (I'll try to post the video below)  I am trying hard to get you to say "Mama" but you are pretty content with "Dada".  I am just happy to hear your little voice!  It is music to your Mama's ears, baby boy!
- You did get to see your first snow this past month too.  It wasn't a big one by any means but it was still snow!
- You've started crossing your pointer and middle finger some and it cracks me up!  I'll just look back at you in your carseat and you'll be sitting there with your fingers crossed.  Too cute.
- You are doing GREAT at sitting up and even sit in the big boy part of the buggy at the store now!  You love being able to look around and see everything.  You are going to be very inquisitive I think.
- You LOVE to stand up and bounce....I mean you seriously LOVE it.  Mama is going to have some AWESOME biceps if this keeps up!  Daddy and I bounce you and fly you around all the time and you just have a ball. 
- You love to stand up too.  We got you a big barn for Christmas and the other night we were playing in the floor with it with you.  We stood you up next to it and you just stood there all by yourself without any support from us!  I just can't believe how big you are getting!
- You'd love to master crawling but you just aren't quite there yet.  You have mastered getting up on all fours but you just don't like to pick your head up. I think you'd be content just standing on all fours with your head on the ground! It is funny!
-  I wouldn't be surprised if you just took off walking one day.  Seriously, you are SO active.  You may be an early walker like your Mama...and you might surprise me and not be too! Either way, when you do become mobile, there will be no catching you!
- Last month we celebrated your first Christmas.  Once again I caught myself saying that that was the best time we've had with you yet! You are just getting more and more fun everyday! You weren't quite sure what was going on, but you did know you were the center of attention. You hammed it up BIG time!
- You also went to Tulsa for the first time to visit Uncle Jeff, Aunt Rhonda, Amanda and Alex.  You did a GREAT job on the car ride over and home. You didn't cry at all and just watched your movie or napped the whole way over. 
- I still can't get over how happy you are. 

Porter Lee,
I wake up everyday loving you more and more.  I don't know how that is possible because I feel like I already love you so very much!  Daddy and I text all day long about how much we miss you and are ready to be home with you every night. You are the topic of our conversations these days!  We love you SO very much and hope you grow up always knowing how crazy we are about you.  You are the most perfect little man and we could not be more thankful to have you, baby boy.  We love you to the moon and back. 

Daddy and Mommy

(I'll post 7 month pictures tomorrow night)

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