5 on Friday!

We hope you all had a Happy Halloween!  Now on to our Five on Friday! 
This past weekend, we took the car through the car wash.  I don't think Mr. Porter liked it too much...

We were out shopping one night which is something we hardly ever do with just us 3.  I usually go with my mom to all of the girly shops or to get Porter things.  And Nate...well, he just hates shopping for anything except camo, a gun or a new truck.  Anyway, we went shopping one night and decided to stop in Petco to look at the critters.  I snapped this picture walking into the store.  Aren't they sweet?  I LOVE this relationship between daddy and his boy.  It makes my heart so, so happy!
Yesterday was Halloween!  My little pickle dressed up as a cow and might I say, he's the CUTEST cow I have ever seen.  He was so funny and knew that he was the center of attention!  I love this little cow and his BIG personality! 


I took this picture one night when we were at my in-law's.  This is Porter and his cousin Charlotte in his electric jeep.  I have no words.  It made me flash forward 15 years and think about the mess these 2 would be!  I sure love these babies!
I have been watching Christmas movies everyday...for at least the past 2 weeks.  I am SO excited about Christmas this year!  Porter is so much fun right now (and exhausting ;)!  I am a little worried about putting my tree up so early though.  Nathan is NEVER gentle with my ornaments (ornaments = airsoft gun targets) so I know I'm really in for it with 2 boys in the house!  We will see I guess!
Have a fun fall weekend!  The leaves here are absolutely beautiful...I hope to get some pictures of my boys outside this weekend!
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Musings of a Childless Mama said...

love your post:) I agree..I am kind of holding off on watching Christmas movies, too..I want to so badly. We are link up neighbours on FoF blog:)