7 Months!!

Well Nate and I are down to 7 months! Can you believe it!!! We are soo excited and can't wait for these 7 months to fly on by! We just found out that Nathan's parents are going to let us live in their rent house in Lowell! They do not have renters right now (perfect timing!!) and said they would be more than happy to let us stay there! It is so cute! Not to mention the 5 acres it has with it!

Also, our friends Courtney and Justin got engaged on Valentine's Day! We are so happy for them and so look forward to attending their wedding!

Other than that things have been pretty slow...we have still been doing stuff for the wedding but there is only so much you can do this far out! We do have engagement pictures on March 22 and are super excited about that! Then, right after engagements, I have my bridal shoot on April 19th! I have been looking at our photographers blog a lot recently and I am more and more impressed with their work everytime! They are fabulous and I absolutely cannot wait to finally get to work with them and see how they can match mine and Nate's styles!

I will update you soon on more wedding progress!

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