Our day together! :)

Today was a very fun day for me and Nate! First, Nate took me out to lunch at Olive Garden....yummmm! We then decided to go look for ammo for Nate's gun (this is not uncommon :) After spending half the day doing that we decided to go over to the house and finish painting one of the bedrooms and start on the next one. We finished up one of the spare bedrooms, started on the main hallway, and Nate almost finished the other spare bedroom. We are definetly going to have to do another coat though! We decided to paint it in this funky green color. It is going to be Nate's "man" room so I wanted him to have a say in the color of it. He said he didn't really care as long as it was some sort of green....so I picked out a funky green that will be cute with his hunting stuff as well! LOL! The other bedroom is probably the only room in the house that is going to be a normal tan color. The rest are all going to be really unique colors. I love color and am definetly not scared to use it!

We had such a good day today though! I had so much fun just being with Nate all day and getting to spend time together. We don't get many days where we get to do that so when we do I like to soak it all up! I know that here in a few months we will be together constantly but right now that seems like FOREVER away!! We are so ready for the next 6 months to fly by!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


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