Guess what I did.....

I put up my Christmas tree last weekend! I could not even resist! Its very non-traditional (kinda like me) and Im so excited its finally up! When Nate walked in and saw it for the first time his mouth hit the floor I think....hes not used to having a crazy tree in his living room I guess :) My mom started putting hers up the day after Halloween a few years ago because she just has so many of them, it felt like she was getting them all up and then taking them all down within no time. So we decided that instead of putting them up on Thanksgiving like normal, we would switch it up a little and put them up on Halloween! Plus, you get to enjoy it a lot longer! We also started Christmas shopping a few weeks ago! Obviously I have Christmas fever already! I just love this season! I will have my other tree up soon hopefully! Its a little more traditional and will be going in either Nate's office or our bedroom.....not sure yet :)

My very non-traditional tree....dont you love it!

I also decided to take some pics of our newest family members like I have been promising. I also took some of our other babies!

My girl Biscuit! Isn't she sweet! Shes always up for a photo-op!

Ole' Guinness....he is so rotten! Im surprised he wasn't jumping all over me for this picture!

Here is Briscuit! One of our new long horn heifers!

And here is Gravy! Our other heifer!

Here is from left to right: Nutter, Peaches and Creme, eating their dinner

And here is Butter, and Peaches and Creme again.

Nate petting Nutter!

And the big Papa.....Willy the Billy! HAHA!

On a side note, I went to Franchesca's on my lunch break today....they have some WAYYYY cute new fall items in! Definetly need to check it out if you get a chance! I know I am going to be taking Nate there so he can do some Christmas shopping :) Well have a GREAT rest of the week!
See ya!
Chrissy :)

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