Lazy night at the Avey house :)

Well we had a busy but fun Halloween! We started off by going to Kenny and Glinda's house the Thursday before Halloween and carving pumpkins with them. They all turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself!

From lef to right: Kyle's, Sarah's, Phyllis', Mine, and Nate's

Close up of my pumpkin! Its a ghost coming out of a tombstone and a tree next to it

Close up of Nate's pumpkin! His is a ghost....super cute!

My sister-in-law Sarah, mother-in-law Glinda, and me sitting on the front porch with all of the pumpkins!

On Halloween night we decided to head to my mom's house to pass out candy to the little trick-or-treaters and see all of the fun costumes! We didn't figure we would get many since we live on a somewhat busy, country road so we figured that we would go to mom's because they have literally a million kids every year! Well, not only did Nate and I go but my Aunt Dar, Uncle Mike, Shelley, Brian, Michael, Kobye, MiKael, Jim, Lily Grace, Aunt Nita, Allisha, Ryleigh, and Allisha's mom came! It was so much fun! The little kids went out trick-or-treating for a while and then they came back and helped pass out/eat candy! LOL! It was way fun!
Me and Miss Ryleigh Kate before she heading out trick-or-treating! She was the cutest little ladybug ever!

My mom and I before the crowds of kids started arriving!

Me and Nate sitting on the front porch passing out candy!

Kobye and Michael! Shelley made them Mario and Luigi costumes! How cute are they!!

Lily Grace! She was the cutest little sick witch ever! She was not feeling good at all that night.

These are pics from when we went down to Kenny and Glinda's lease down in West Fork a little while back!
Kenny and Glinda getting ready to head out and check the cameras and feeders!

Kenny, Donald and Nate checking one of the feeder!

The boys.....Kenny, Nate and Donald!

The girls.....Me, Glinda and Kathy!

Me and Nate :)

The Avey's

Posin' on a rock....this was a task getting all of us up here!

Kenny and Glinda's best friends, Kathy and Donald....we just love them :)

The squirrel Nate killed!

Nate's brother Kyle and Dad Kenny roasting the squirrel....thats good eatin'!

Overall it was a good weekend! I stayed home Sunday because I wasn't feeling the best and rested up for the workday Monday. Sometimes its just good to have thoes lazy days! Well hope ya'll have a great rest of the week!
See ya :)
Mrs. Avey!

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