Hauted caves, cows and soups...Oh my!

Well we had a fun eventful weekend in the Avey household! We really enjoyed the weekend finally getting here because last week drug by! Thankfully we had a very good relaxing weekend! First off, Friday night we had a mini birthday party for my Mom. We went to her favorite, Guidos, for dinner with my dad, my bro Dalton, Nate, and Nate's wonderful parents Kenny and Glinda. It was nice to all get together and celebrate mom's birthday together. My brother wnded up spending the night with me and Nate and we all turned in early because Saturday morning we woke up early and went and bought 2 cows!! I know right!! I just love cows and was so excited when one of Nate's growers offered to sell him 2 cows for a really good deal! I grew up on a cattle farm so to have cows of my own now is great! I had a little bit of a hard time when we were on our way home from picking them up because all I could think about was my Papa Porter. Our farm was his pride and joy and one of his FAVORITE things to do was to run cattle. I just miss him so much and every once in a while just the little things will remind me of him. We decided to name them Briscut and Gravy! HAHA! I think I have a food fedish!! Every animal we have is named after a food! We have Biscuit my baby Blue Heeler, Guiness (our lab that is named after a beer....his previous owners named him lol) our 5 goats Peaches, Creme, Nutter, Butter, and Willy (not named after food), and Briscut and Gravy our cows! LOL! I will go take pictures of them tomorrow and post them! They are soo soo cute! Saturday night we decided to go to a haunted cave/maze with my bff Ashtyn and my cousin Jarrod....who happen to be dating! LOL! Its great! It was so much fun at the cave! Its called the Spanish Treasure Cave and is in Gravette. It was soo scary and so neat! We had a blast! Sunday we woke up and went to church, then had a family lunch/birthday party at my Aunt Dar's house! I just love my family! You have no idea how great of a family I have and how blessed I am! Its so great because its always been big but it seems like its always growing weather someone is getting married or having a baby! Its just great! And even though it keeps growing, we all still stay close and are still best friends! Sunday we celebrated my cousin MiKael's daughter Lily Grace's 3rd birthday! Its soo hard to believe that she is already 3 years old! And we also just found out that MiKael is pregnant with her 2nd and she is due in May! YAY! I can't wait to meet him/her! We started out at Aunt Dar's with a soup lunch. Every one brought a different soup and we all tried the different ones. Then we headed off to Fun City for LG's birthday party with all of her friends! It was soo cute! And of course I forgot my camera at my Aunt Dar's house so I didn't get pictures of that part but oh well! It was so fun! I have posted pics below of throughout the weekend! Enjoy!

Some of the wonderful soups that were brought! Yummm!!!

The rest of the soups on the stove! It was soooo good! My belly was very very happy!

My cousin Kyle and Allisha's daughter Ryleigh Kate! Isn't she sooo stinkin cute! I just love her!

And another picture! I think I took like 50 of her that day!

Some of Memaw's great grandkids (my cousin's babies). She has 4 right now and a 5th on the way! From left to right: Lily Grace (MiKael's daughter), Kobye (Shelley's oldest son), and Michael (Shelley's youngest son). I just love these kids! They are the best kids ever!

My Memaw! Sweet lady she is!

Me and my man Michael! He is my little shadow!

My Nater Tater being silly! I just love him!

These are pics my best friend Ashtyn and I took before we went to the hauted cave! We are such dorks! Kissy face!

Practicing our scared faces for the cave!!....not sure what I am doing with my hand! LOL!


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Hey! Hey! Hey! Love the last 3 pics! Also wanted to let you know I blogged! Lol! TTYL!