Hi there!! Its me...Mrs. Avey!!

Well we are officially MARRIED!! YAY!!! Its about stinkin time! LOL! I do have to say, married life is great! Not that I am a professional or anything...I mean come on, its only been 12 days! HA! But we are so glad that its over and we can finally be married! We got back from Daytona on Saturday afternoon and let me tell you, it was SOO hard to come home. I really could become a professional beach bum! I have tons of pics but am on Nate's computer and it does not have the attachment for me to plug my memory stick in and download them so I guess ya'll will just have to wait a little bit longer! Our wedding was absolutely fabulous and we have the best families and friends ever! They worked so hard to make our dream come true and it was perfect! As was the honeymoon!

Well tonight I made Nate dinner and then cleaned house. It was actually pretty fun....but thats just the newness I am sure! I am not even doubting that before long I won't get off the couch so eagerly to wash dishes! LOL! Also, today after work I went to the Social Security office to get my name offically changed! Tonight at midnight I will officially be Christina Mae Avey! Not that I wasn't already....its just now, everyone else knows it too!

This weekend we have no major plans except for hanging out with our friends Courtney and Justin at some point because I miss them and then probably just hanging out around the house the rest of the weekend. We still have a lot to get settled in and I still have tons of pictures to hang! I hate not having pictures on the walls! Pictures always make your house looks so much nicer! Oh yea, and Saturday morning my Mom, me, my cousin Shelley and my cousin MiKael are going to my Memaw's to learn how to make her famous fried apple pies and how to can apples!!! YAY!! I have been waiting to do this for SOOO long and finally we all find a time we can do it! I will definetly have pics to post on that!

Monday morning at 6 AM they are inducing one of my good friends, Christin! We are going to have a baby Parson sometime Monday! YAY! I am going to be an "aunt" Chrissy! We are all so very excited for them and cannot wait to meet their sweet bundle of joy!

Next Thursday we are meeting with my photographer to see pics from the wedding!!! YAY!! I don't know that I will be able to contain myself all next week! We really do have wonderful photographers and I can't wait to see what pictures they took of our special day!

Well I guess that is it til next time! I will be posting pics soon so stay tuned!

See ya!!
Chrissy Avey :)

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