Fall Decor and tons of Birthdays!

Well it is officially fall at the Avey house!! Not that I have much to decorate with yet but hey. its getting there! LOL! I love love love fall and just love to watch the leaves on the trees change and the nice cool days....although ours have mostly been cold and rainy so far! Below i have posted some pictures of the decorations I do have up though!

This is the outdoor decorating I did this year! Just some haybales, cornstalks, mums, and pumpkins from the best pumkin patch around...Dickey Farms!

Another pic a little further away

The bowl on my dining room table (Gail Pittman from Southern Living--which is my favorite if you didn't know) and the decorative mix I have put in it for the season!

My antique buffet in the dining room with my fall decorations...obviously I am not finished filling in the holes! LOL! And there is also a wedding gift sitting next to it to take back! HAHA!

Another pic closer up...one of my favorite things I own is that gold bling sign! I bought that in like 9th grade at Kirklands for $7.00! Such a bargain shopper!

And of course...can't have fall without this wonderful fall mix! Candy corn and peanuts! YUM!

Me and my girl LG!

My mom turned 40 yesterday and I would say that she had a pretty good 40th birthday!! First off, everyone under the sun called her and sang happy birthday to her. Me, My aunt Dar, Aunt Nita, cousin MiKael, cousin Kyle and my cousin Lily Grace then took her out to lunch at her favorite...McAlisters! After McAlisters, MiKael brought her up a huge cookie cake to work and my aunts sent her beautiful boquets of flowers! Not to mention, her boss and his daughters decorated her office and had the WHOLE building come sing happy birthday to her and eat a WONDERFUL Rick's cake! What a great birthday she had! This Friday night we are taking her to dinner and then my Dad is taking her on a date to the Walton Arts Center to see the Riverdance...something she has always wanted to do! Love you mom!

Mom's new cane....equiped with an extra set of pantyhose, a horn, old man repelent and a magnifying glass!! HAHA!

Mom with her walker! She sooooo does not look 40!!

Close up of her walker

Mom and Dad's front porch

The front yard....they did a great job decorating! Thanks Aunt Dar, Aunt Nita, MiKael and LG!!

Above Mom's desk at work! How funny!

The beautiful boquets Aunt Dar and Aunt Nita sent Mom at work!

Mom's present she can't have til Friday night.....sorry Mom ;)

We also had 2 more special birthday's on the 20th of October! First off it was my dog Biscuits 1st birthday! Nathan and I went and bought her a new hot pink/camo collar! The hot pink for me and the camo for her daddy! She also got a big bag of treats and a flea collar....although I don't think you would count the flea collar as a present! LOL! The other special birthday was my favorite girl Lily Grace's!!! She turned 4 years old!! It makes me so sad that she is growing up soooo fast!! I love that little girl!! We are having her birthday party on Sunday afternoon after church! First we are starting off at Aunt Dar's house for lunch with the family and then heading on over to Fun City for some fun with LG! Love you Lily Grace!! Happy Birthday!
Lily Grace's birthday present.....wonder what it could be :)

Well that is about it for now! By the way....I am soooo thankful that tomorrow is Friday!! TGIF!!
See ya!
Mrs. Avey :)

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