Deer Camp 11/21-11/23 :)

Hell0 there! Well its been a while since I posted because we have been so super busy! Not sure with what but we have been! This weekend was so much fun! We had planned on spending all weekend at our family farm in Oaks, OK but on Friday morning, last minute, Nate's BFF Aaron called him and watned him to go hunting with him down in Morrow, AR....needless to say, I headed off to deer camp alone! It was still sooooo much fun! It ended up being me, my brother Dalton, Aunt Dar, Uncle Mike, my cousins MiKael, Shelley and Jarrod, Jim (MiKaels husband), Brian (Shelley's husband), Kobye and Michael (Shelley and Brian's boys) and Lily Grace (MiKael and Jim's daughter)! It was a blast! Dalton and I headed over Friday night after Nate headed off. We woke up at 5:00 on Saturday morning and headed off into the deer woods. Shelley and I were posted together that morning. We didn't really have any luck but we could see Brian and Dalton sitting in the other deer stand. All the sudden, we see Brian shoot and some doe head off over the hill. We make it to them and Brian had shot a buck! We tracked it all morning and didn't find the body anywhere! We were really bummed but were excited that someone had finally got to shoot at something! We headed back in for a breakfast of chocolate gravy, biscuits, white gravy, bacon, sausage and eggs all made with love by Aunt Dar! Yummy!! It was delish! We then headed back out to the woods and heard another shot. Again, Brian was the one shooting and he hit a doe! As we were tracking his doe we also stumbled upon his buck from earlier! It ended up being a 7 point! It was so exciting! Jarrod and Shelley also shot at some coyote throughout the day but Brian was our only one to come back with the prize! We went back out this morning and Uncle Mike got a buck! Not a big one but still a buck! Dalton and I then headed home because we were EXHAUSTED! Hunting will wear you out! HAHA! Anyway, I dropped Dalton back off at my parents and then I headed home! I am sooo glad to be home and can't wait for Nathan to get back! He shot a bobcat this morning down in Morrow where they are hunting and I am soooo excited to see it and him! I have missed him sooo much! This is our first time to be apart since getting married and it is has been very weird! I am ready to see him thats for sure!

Brian and his friends!

Getting ready to dress the deer!

Brian's doe and buck in the back of the pick-up

Brian and his 7 point! WOO HOO!

Shelley Jo and Brian before we headed out

Me and my brother.....yes.....I have on zero makeup....UGH

Michael being silly! Hes sooo sweet! He told me "I wuv you Cwissy cuz you gots white hair"....how stinkin sweet is that :) He wants me to marry him...not sure how that will go over with Nate! LOL!

The plate I was shooting at! Notice the 2 bullet holes almost dead in the center of the plate....yes, that was me :)

Michael, Kobye and Lily Grace playing!

Lily Grace....isn't she sweet!

My brother Dalton sighting in his gun

The house on the farm....Its soooo peaceful out there!

Us Girls (MiKael, Shelley and Me) on our way out to the deer woods......our question was, why does camo always make you look so bulky??

Well I hope that everyone has a GREAT Thanksgiving week this week! We have a busy week ahead with all of our family get-togethers! I love this time of year! I am off Thursday and Friday and am soooo very thankful for it! I need the days off! We will start out Thanksgiving night with dinner at Nate's aunts house for his mom's side of the family then Thanksgiving day we will have lunch with my mom's side of the family and dinner with my Dad's side of the family! Lets just say I hope I don't come back weighing 10 lbs. more! LOL! Friday morning, Mom and I will get up at 3 AM and go out Black Friday shopping with all of the other crazy people out there! We are both soooo excited and can't wait! We usually strategize on Thanksgiving day so we know where we want to go and what we need to get! I think we do it more for the excitment of it than anything! After that, I will come back home to Nate and we will head back to the farm in Oklahoma to the deer woods with all the family again! I just love hunting season! I will post again later when I get pics of Nate's bobcat for everyone to see!

Have a great week!! :)



Guess what I did.....

I put up my Christmas tree last weekend! I could not even resist! Its very non-traditional (kinda like me) and Im so excited its finally up! When Nate walked in and saw it for the first time his mouth hit the floor I think....hes not used to having a crazy tree in his living room I guess :) My mom started putting hers up the day after Halloween a few years ago because she just has so many of them, it felt like she was getting them all up and then taking them all down within no time. So we decided that instead of putting them up on Thanksgiving like normal, we would switch it up a little and put them up on Halloween! Plus, you get to enjoy it a lot longer! We also started Christmas shopping a few weeks ago! Obviously I have Christmas fever already! I just love this season! I will have my other tree up soon hopefully! Its a little more traditional and will be going in either Nate's office or our bedroom.....not sure yet :)

My very non-traditional tree....dont you love it!

I also decided to take some pics of our newest family members like I have been promising. I also took some of our other babies!

My girl Biscuit! Isn't she sweet! Shes always up for a photo-op!

Ole' Guinness....he is so rotten! Im surprised he wasn't jumping all over me for this picture!

Here is Briscuit! One of our new long horn heifers!

And here is Gravy! Our other heifer!

Here is from left to right: Nutter, Peaches and Creme, eating their dinner

And here is Butter, and Peaches and Creme again.

Nate petting Nutter!

And the big Papa.....Willy the Billy! HAHA!

On a side note, I went to Franchesca's on my lunch break today....they have some WAYYYY cute new fall items in! Definetly need to check it out if you get a chance! I know I am going to be taking Nate there so he can do some Christmas shopping :) Well have a GREAT rest of the week!
See ya!
Chrissy :)


Lazy night at the Avey house :)

Well we had a busy but fun Halloween! We started off by going to Kenny and Glinda's house the Thursday before Halloween and carving pumpkins with them. They all turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself!

From lef to right: Kyle's, Sarah's, Phyllis', Mine, and Nate's

Close up of my pumpkin! Its a ghost coming out of a tombstone and a tree next to it

Close up of Nate's pumpkin! His is a ghost....super cute!

My sister-in-law Sarah, mother-in-law Glinda, and me sitting on the front porch with all of the pumpkins!

On Halloween night we decided to head to my mom's house to pass out candy to the little trick-or-treaters and see all of the fun costumes! We didn't figure we would get many since we live on a somewhat busy, country road so we figured that we would go to mom's because they have literally a million kids every year! Well, not only did Nate and I go but my Aunt Dar, Uncle Mike, Shelley, Brian, Michael, Kobye, MiKael, Jim, Lily Grace, Aunt Nita, Allisha, Ryleigh, and Allisha's mom came! It was so much fun! The little kids went out trick-or-treating for a while and then they came back and helped pass out/eat candy! LOL! It was way fun!
Me and Miss Ryleigh Kate before she heading out trick-or-treating! She was the cutest little ladybug ever!

My mom and I before the crowds of kids started arriving!

Me and Nate sitting on the front porch passing out candy!

Kobye and Michael! Shelley made them Mario and Luigi costumes! How cute are they!!

Lily Grace! She was the cutest little sick witch ever! She was not feeling good at all that night.

These are pics from when we went down to Kenny and Glinda's lease down in West Fork a little while back!
Kenny and Glinda getting ready to head out and check the cameras and feeders!

Kenny, Donald and Nate checking one of the feeder!

The boys.....Kenny, Nate and Donald!

The girls.....Me, Glinda and Kathy!

Me and Nate :)

The Avey's

Posin' on a rock....this was a task getting all of us up here!

Kenny and Glinda's best friends, Kathy and Donald....we just love them :)

The squirrel Nate killed!

Nate's brother Kyle and Dad Kenny roasting the squirrel....thats good eatin'!

Overall it was a good weekend! I stayed home Sunday because I wasn't feeling the best and rested up for the workday Monday. Sometimes its just good to have thoes lazy days! Well hope ya'll have a great rest of the week!
See ya :)
Mrs. Avey!