my.new.addiction :)

So for my birthday, my parents got me a Wii Fit....LOVE IT! I have been working out on it every night and I know this sounds funny but I have woken up sore every morning! I may look funny doing it in the middle of my living room but its such a work out! I have to say though, if you are depressed about your weight.....DON'T GET A WII FIT! You are supposed to get on everyday and weight yourself and do a BMI test (Body Mass Index)....this will basically tell you everything you don't want to hear when you are going through a weight depression. But, if you are ready to shed a few lbs. and know you have a few to lose, the Wii Fit is perfect for you!

Other than doing my Wii Fit every night things have been pretty quiet around here. I woke up this morning and my eye was throbbing! It felt like I had something in it, only I didn't. It was so itchy and irritated. In case ya'll didn't know, I was born blind in my right eye so having something impair my vision in my left eye was kind of a problem! Everything was blurry today at work so I decided to make an eye doctor appointment. I had my mom take me because I couldn't hardly see to drive and Im soo glad she went with me because they dialated my eye! Talk about weird! Having one eye dialated and the other one normal is just very gross looking! I would not like to look like that all the time! The doctor told me that I may be in the early stages of pink eye so to really be watching it! Yuck....I hate pink eye.

I am so very thankful that tomorrow is Friday though. My cousin Amanda is coming to town and we are going to have a fun filled weekend! Friday night we are all going out to eat with the rents and then Saturday we will be waking up very late and then going to my cousin Kyle's daughter Ryleigh's first birthday celebration! Not sure what the rest of the weekend holds but Im sure it will be another busy weekend! Hope everyone has a great Friday and a fantastic weekend!

See ya!

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