Snowy weekend!

Hello! Its been a while since i have posted! We haven't really been up to much lately though...its actually been kind of nice. This past week, northwest Arkansas was hit with a HUGE snow storm! Bigger than any I remember, thats for sure! Last year we were hit with a big ice storm around the same time and at first they thought this one would be somewhat similar. Well luckily, it wasn't. Although we did get about 2 or so inches of ice, we got a TON of snow on top of it! It was very pretty but I do have to say, please hurry up summer!! This weekend we really have not done much of anything. Friday night we sat at home and watched some NCIS....(our new obsession). Saturday we woke up late and just hung out at the house all day. I got some cleaning done and Nate did some "honey-do" items for me :). Saturday night, Nate's parents called us and asked us to go to a movie with them. It was actually really nice to finally get out of the house! We went to see that new Mel Gibson movie and then went out for dessert afterwards....the ONLY place opened at 9:30 for dessert was On the Border. Of course, you can't go there without eating chips and salsa, so after our chips and salsa, we had a HUGE apple crisp! It was delicious! Definetly hit the spot! Today we have just been literally sitting on the couch all day watching some more NCIS!! HAHA! We are almost finished with Season 5 which means I have to have Mom bring me the next seasons :) Tomorrow is bad to work...UGH! But no worries! I only have 2 more weeks at my current position!! I know, I haven't said anything yet but.....I finally got the new job I was praying for!!!!!!!!! Im sooo excited to start! Its still with JB Hunt and still with my same department but I will be working with a different group of wonderful ladies and I cannot wait to start! Anyways, I will update more on that once i start and let you know how thats going! Well, its off to eat dinner now! Nate just made me dinner....what a great guy :)

See ya!!

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