It feels like I have not blogged in FOREVER! We have been staying pretty busy in the Avey house hold lately! Last Friday night we went out to dinner with our friends Kari, Mark, DK, Christin, Colby and Parson...we went to Johnny Carinos and boy was it DELICIOUS! We then were all tired so we came back to our house to watch a movie. Saturday morning we woke up and went to my Memaw's to mow her yard....it was actually so fun because I got to ride my Papa's Grasshopper....I don't think Nathan had near as much fun as I did! Once we finished mowing it was time to head home to take a shower and get ready for Aunt Dar and Uncle Mikes Surprise Birthday / Anniversary party! I helped my cousins MiKael and Shelley get ready for it and it turned out so great!

Pic of everyone after after dinner singing!

Me and Mrs. Reese :) She makes me smile!

The banner we made...."A Year of BIGS"...it was Aunt Dar's 50th birthday, Uncle Mike's 50th birthday, and their 30th Wedding anniversary

Delicious! MiKael and Shelley testing out the potato salad!

Cute tables we set up! One for each of their birthdays and one for their anniversary!

Anniversary cake!

Uncle Mike's Cake

Aunt Dar's cake!

We had SO much fun this weekend I sure do love my family!
Ok...so I may be the only weird person on the planet that has done this, but I have a "Top 50 things to do before Im 50" list...I know I know! So dumb! Anyways, last week my parents officially marked one thing off of that list for me!! They are taking us kids to see the Razorbacks play at the......BRAND NEW DALLAS COWBOYS STADIUM!! Now this may not excite you but I am so unbelievably excited about it! I won't get to see my beloved Cowboys play but I will get to see the stadium they play in which is enough for me! Thanks Mom and Dad! Your the best!
On another vacation note, I am headed to the beach in 12 DAYS!!! Daytona beach here we come!! I am in desprate need of a vacation and am so thrilled to be going on one in less than 2 weeks! Please pray for us to have a safe trip down there and back!
Well, I think that is it for now! Hope everyone has a GREAT rest of the week! I am off to work tomorrow and then a massage at 4:30....yay!
Love -

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