Lets Talk Polish....

I LOVE nail polish! Love it! I am a big fan of having my fingernails and toes painted! One of my favorite things to do is go and get a manicure and pedicure. Its the thoughest decision when I go in because I never know if I want to go with red or pink! But as I always say, when all else fails, go with pink!! My favorite pink polish is OPI's "Thats So Pink"....it doesn't look bright here but its a bright neon pink that looks great with a tan!

A new one I have found is China Glaze's "Japenese Koi". I LOVE this color! Its a bright orangy red color and very neat! Its different the just going with the normal red or pink. Very funky!

But, my ALL time favorite color is "Cajun Shrimp"! I discovered this color a couple of years ago and love love love it! Its a very very bright red with a splash of orange!

In the summer time I prefer to wear the pink tone and in the fall I would rather wear the red tones. What are your favorite nail polish colors? Where is your favorite place to get a manicure or pedicure?
Beach update : 9 MORE DAYS!!!!!

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