Branson Bound!

Well it's finally Wednesday! Today was my Friday because tomorrow, we are Branson bound! Nathan and I are heading out of town to spend a weekend alone together....the first time since our honeymoon to get away together! I am so excited! It has been an insane week at work to say the least so it will be nice to have a couple of days to get away and relax before another crazy work week!

So I have seriously been debating if I should chop off my hair or not. I used to have very short hair and well, it is just so much easier to manage and style when it's short. I like a little poof and it's just getting so long and heavy it's not wanting to style AT ALL! I am in a wedding towards the end of May but I think I will be scheduling an appointment to cut this hair off! What do you think? Are you a long or short haired kind of person?

Me with longer hair

Me with shorter hair

Well, I hope that you all have a great end of the week. I probably won't be blogging again until we get home on Sunday so be prepared for picture overload!! (that is, if Nathan will let me take his picture!)


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Nate's Nonsense said...

I always keep my hair short.