4 months old!

You are 4 months old!!  I still can't believe we have had you this long already!!  Some things to remember about month 4....

- We have your 4 month doctor appointment on Monday the 22nd so I don't have your exact stats yet.  I am guessing you are well over 16 lbs. now though (maybe close to 17).  You are loooooong. I can't get over how long your little body is!  I think you will be tall like your daddy and Uncle D!
- You are officially in size 3 diapers. 
- You are still in 3-6 and 6-9 month onsies.  Your pants are mostly 3-6 month but we did put you in a pair of 6-9 month jeans the other day because your others are already getting too short!
- You are still in a size 2 shoes.  I think your favorites are your boots like daddy, and your Converse from Uncle D!
- You still sleep great!  You usually only get up once a night and sometimes sleep through the night.  This makes your momma happy!
- You are eating 6 oz. every 2 or so hours and when you are ready to eat, you are READY to eat!  It is hilarious watching you! I think you are going to be strong willed!  Sometimes, when we are feeding you, you'll spit milk out the side of your mouth so I'll take your bottle out to wipe it off.  When I take that bottle out, you kick your little legs until we put it back...it is TOO funny!
- You are still doing great at daycare!  They love you and you love them.  I don't think I'll ever like daycare but I know its good for you to interact with other kiddos.  Maybe someday we won't have to worry about daycare anymore!
- You have rolled over both ways this month!  First you rolled over from back to front and you did not want to quit!  We would put you on your back and we just couldn't stop you from rolling...it was cute!  I didn't think you'd figure out how to roll over from tummy to back but you finally did!  You have only done it this way 3 or 4 times though. 
- You still don't love tummy time!  You'd much rather be sitting up.  You like to see everything that is going on!
- On that note, you do not like to be cradled in our arms unless you are eating.  You like to sit up in our laps or be facing out so you can see!  You really like to interact!
- When daddy or I has you laying down in our arms you try SO hard to sit up!  We can fill your little belly muscles tighten and your little head move up!  You want so bad to sit up but you just can't quite figure it out!  I have a feeling that soon enough you will!
- You'd really like to hold your own bottle too!  When we are holding it in your mouth you put your hands around it most of the time but you don't want to fully hold it up on your own yet.  I always try to help you figure those hands out and how they work...you are funny with them!
-  Your hands are still ALWAYS in your mouth!  You sometimes gag yourself because you try to shove both of them in at the same time!
- You have also found your feet! You are always pulling on them now or lifting them up towards your face.  It is really cute!
-  We tried pear, prue and apple juice this month because you were having some troubles going to the bathroom.  You like apple and pear juice but they didn't seem to help with what we needed them to help with so we tried apple prune juice.  You love it! I think its by far your favorite and it seems to help a lot!
- You are still talking up a storm!  My favorite part of the day is coming home from work to pick you up!  We always "talk" on the drive home about how your day went.  I think you'll be a talker like your daddy!

Porter Lee,
You are so much fun!  I love watching you learn new things and interact with me and Daddy more!  I can tell you are getting more independant which makes me a little sad because you aren't my itty bitty newborn anymore, but it also makes me extremely happy because I can see you are going to have such a sweet little personality!  You are seriously the most happy baby I have ever met and I could not be more thankful for that!  I am so thankful for you and all of the joy you bring to our life...you have no idea how much we love you!  We love you to the moon and back, baby boy.

Daddy and Mommy

(Some pictures from month 4)


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